new game or game feature ideas


Jul 7, 2006
does anybody have any ideas for wii games? well, post them here!

i personaly think an extremly improved version of nintendogs would be fun (if they arnt already making one)
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spiderman games will be so much fun if they do it right (web slinging with controler) spiderman 3 will come out for the wii right?
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Italian_Boy1Up said:
hmm sounds good to me. They need to do Soul Calibur4
great idea! that would be so cool if they made it! they should make link a playable character again if they do.
I dunno... that idea just seemed stupid to me; I mean, if he were an extra unlockable character it would have been okay, but having him available from the start didn't fit in with the setting
I want them to remake DK 64. I personally think that that is the most well-designed game ever. Not necesarily the content, but the way it's put together. Feature-wise on the Wii, I think Nintendo's thougth of about everything. I will be very interrested to see how they top this in their next console
Yeah, a DK game will be great, and it will be better with some other stuff using the wii mote ;) and also a pokemon, but anyway we already know Pokemon Wii exist so thats what I think
An online world were you are in first person with other people, one like a Knights and Dragons(D&D), one like a military shooter were you look around with the nunchuk run with the analog stick and aim with the remote using the buttons for secondary activities, and one where you just live day to day but can actually grab stuff/do activites with the Wii-mote pick stuf up by actually moving your hand there and pressing a button then using the item as you would normally like pouring coffee, opening doors, reading the paper(sims on steriods).

spiderman games will be so much fun if they do it right (web slinging with controler) spiderman 3 will come out for the wii right?

Yeah, Activision announced that awhile ago i think.

I cant wait for a lightsaber game to come.I think Lucas Arts have shown interest in making a star wars game. Hopefully there already working on it.
Just buy Red Steel, it comes out wen the Wii comes out and u get to use swords, that will keep u busy untill starwars. Btw i just watched that pokemon trailer, looks just like EVERY other pokemon game, the wiimote will just get in the way
i cant wait for a prince of persia on becuase i can just imagine doing backflips and thing like and probably end up doing them well and different game could um maybe some low ranked game company can make a game that is exactly like goldeneye so we can use the zapper shell although that will prbably result in some sort of class act lawsuit but that is just a minor incovienience we have to pay for this game