New Games Week of February 8


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Jan 27, 2009
Couple of good games...

Deadly Creatures- Feb 9- $49.99

Deadly Creatures is a 3rd person action thriller set amidst a desert world of venomous terror, built exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. Players will control an armored Scorpion and a deadly Tarantula as they fight for survival against Gila monsters, lizards, black widows and many more terrifying creatures. Featuring intuitive motion controls and a deep combo-based combat system, Deadly Creatures is a thrilling mix of brutal creature-crushing action and suspenseful exploration of vast 360 degree desert and man-made environments. Gamers will explore this darkly compelling story through the eyes of two of the world's most deadly creatures.

The House of the Dead: Overkill- Feb 10- $49.99

The House of the Dead: Overkkill takes place as Special Agent G – the hero of The House Of The Dead series – is given his first assignment fresh out of the AMS academy. Teamed up with hard-boiled Detective Washington, they are sent to investigate stories of mysterious disappearances in small-town Louisiana. Little do they know what blood-soaked mutant depravity awaits them in the streets and swamps of Bayou City...

NASCAR Kart Racing- Feb 10- $39.99

Designed exclusively for the Wii, NASCAR Kart Racing enables players to grab the steering wheel as a famed NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver and speed through treacherous landscapes, wind around rocky cliffs, jump rivers and dodge falling boulders. Up to four players can go head-to-head, via split screen, in a mad dash to the checkered flag, making NASCAR Kart Racing an ideal game to play with family and friends.

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers- Feb 10- $29.99

Zombie carnage and armed babes with tight outfits ... that's Onechanbara in a nutshell, and the blood-spurting, short skirting action series comes to the Wii in all of its visceral glory. Players can master the sword to take full advantage of the Wii Remote motion controls by slashing, swinging and thrusting into zombie enemy hordes. Play as either sister Aya or Saki in single player or with a friend in Co-Op Mode and utilize each of their unique fighting styles and set of moves. Get too much blood on either sister and be driven into Rage Mode and gain more power and agility to destroy enemies faster and deadlier. Every person met and enemy battled brings the sisters closer to understanding who or what is behind the zombie outbreak and putting an end to it.
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Overall, not a bad week. I think I'm more likely to get Tenchu in the future than any of these games, but supposidly Deadly Creatures has better action and of course Overkill will be the best rail shooter on Wii along with RE:UC.
Its a decent week, still think I will rent HOTD and Deadly Creatures. Overall February is a good month.
While January sucked for Wii games, February is looking really good with some kick ass games. The rest of the year looks like it'll be even better too with plenty of 'hardcore' titles on the way. It seems like 2009 will be the year of the Wii and with the recession it must be a much more desirable platform for developers over the higher development costs of the HD consoles.

HOD: Overkill looks good and I'd like to pick it up at some point but my February gaming money has already gone to Tenchu.

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