New GLC Wii images

YiPeE! Haha, If i didn't need to head off to work i would look at them all right now! :) But.. Low and behold..

Thanks a ton i0n.. And why is the head honcho only posting these up.. Why don't you come chat with the rest of us? :p
Thanks i0n, The Wii IS Tiny! Dang! Look At The Scale With The Guys Hands!
Thats where the outlets are! Cool! thanks for posting these pics up I have learned a couple new things.
Sweet! It is so tiny! So the light gun IS a docking device for the wiimote. I was told that it was a Whole seperate unit. So you just slide the wii mote in the front, cool!
I'm really hyped up about this console, only bad thing I have to say is that the pistol casing looks like crap and will surely fell like crap too.
Kosh1and2 said:
Great pics, but it doesn't look like the wave bird controllers are going to fit in there.
They will probably make an attatchement for it. All u would need is an extension cord i think.