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Dec 26, 2006
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Nintendo are working on an expansion to the Mii channel...

Nintendo Co. Ltd is developing a new channel for its Wii console that will allow gamers to compare their Miis -- customized virtual avatars that people can play in Wii video games.

During a speech at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Nintendo game creator Shigero Miyamoto said the channel, to launch soon, will enable gamers not only to share their custom avatars, but to vote on them in popularity contests, adding another level of stickiness to the online functionality of Nintendo's $250 next-generation console.

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hmmm interesting!
sounds like a good idea, i hope it does come out! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Expansion on the Expansion...

Just watched all the Miyamoto, Nintendo, GDC07 keynote speech in where the intial article I referred to was originated from,;button&rgroup=gdc07_index

and it discusses Nintendo and specifically Miyamotos ethos towards expanding gaming experience and emanating from this, the development of the Wii as it now is.

Miyamoto discusses the increments in details throughout the keynote but towards the end he expands the development thought process towards the current incarnation of Mii characters. He says that Mii's, per se, have actually been around for quite a while but Nintendo didn't really value the concept up until the DS and now the Wii. It just goes to prove that these things are not new ideas but ideas ahead of their time, what else Nintendo have up their sleeve in a year or two from now will be interesting to finally see!!

Miyamoto also explains in some depth the philosophy behind the titles and hardware he has had a large hand in developing over the years, wii remote especially - an insight into his thought process proves interesting certainly. But to be fair we have heard it all before!

The fact that Nintendo are developing the Mii concept into a [sort of] fully blown online app demonstrates that the Wii online is going to be passed forward in a rather calculated way [naturally]...very much like the 'Everyone Votes' channel, they are creating more and more reason to keep going back the the Wii and spend more and more: passively interactive, if you like: time and thus testing the waters in a real time environment: I personally consider all these channels, part-fun, part-research on Nintendos part - I think it's plain to all, without a doubt.

At the very end of the speech he showcases the new Mario Galaxy trailer, which if you haven't seen it - I would advise checking it out, it does look truly a great game...something to look forward to!

To sum it up - Nintendo haven't really shocked and stunned with this keynote but it does show some of the processes involved in their development of products culminating in the current, Wii - and it shows Miyamoto as a charismatic and affable individual to boot.

BUT where was the big fella! - Was Reggie kicking ass and taking names over in the Sony keynote!! :incazzato:
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The Mii Channel doesnt work for me for some reason, so it doesnt really matter for me.
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Sure - I don't think that even Nintendo could predict that this would appeal to all gamers but you've gotta say that when they come up with a concept they tend to develop it all the way - and with innovation!

I personally think that they may attempt to create a global Mii-Sims formatette environment in online real-time. I know that Wii Sims is coming but it surely isn't inconceivable that they could bring this to the table, possibly similar in proprietary to Second Life but in a more usable format.

Who knows?