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Feb 21, 2007
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Rumor: Nintendo may unveil a demo channel

Allegedly, a Nintendo European rep recently revealed that a demo channel for Wii is on the way. Information and details of this possibly new channel were not available/

Theoretically, Wii owners could download playable demos (or view trailers) through the new channel. The service would more than likely be free of charge and would give gamers a way to preview upcoming games. Additionally, demos for DS games could also be downloaded and played on the DS.

This would be a great addition to any Wii, and hopefully we can see it soon!

That would be perfect tho. Id love playing Demo's of new games coming out.
it needs to be done! it would be a way to hype us up for new games comming out, we would know if the game is good or not!
The only flaw is that I don't play on my Wii too often (a lot of good games coming to the PC right now) and This would only encourage me less too buy new games as I'd just play on the demos every now and again.

I do like the idea and It would make me happy but it's not the smartest move on their behalf.
I've heard about this too, and I believe it is not a rumour, also it may seem that they are giving you part a game for free, but however they may put a limit on the amount of times you can play it, or for instance a 60 minute trial.

Apart from that which seems a logical choice, it seems good and it could become open to 3rd parties to get them more known. Also hopefully there will be non-playable and playable demos.