New Wii software update today

nothing big really. its just a software update to make everything run smoother and load faster. it'll also apparently remove corrupted files so it's possible it can delete homebrew stuff. i don't know but the wii reads homebrew as a corrupt file that can work so this update could possibly remove it.
Yeah this morning before work i woke up, got everything ready to go, saw the blue light thing blinking so i fired up the wii, and barely even read the nintendo letter that Big N sent to ppl. I just saw online it update which allows wii to run smoother and faster, then i updated, after that update i saw on it deletes Homebrew, but i dont have homebrew, got deleted last month by my stupidity. i dunno if i do the Lego indiana jones, indy pwns hack if it reinstalls homebrew or not.
for some reason also thought this update would have the wii with more memory.

heck i was half asleep yet.
It is tested that the IndianaPwns and the Smash Stack DO work loading .dols or .elfs, but people, do NOT update, your Bootmii files, DVDX, HBC and almost everything WILL BE DELETED!!!
I just updated mine. I had tried to do it when it released but my stupid connection.

I hope this one fixes the issue I'm having with my shop channel. I keep getting stupid error messages (T_T)