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Apr 3, 2009
Hello Everybody!

I'm new on this forum. My name is Robin and I'm from the Netherlands.
I'm not really a gamer the only thing I also have is a Nintendo DS my little sister had a Nintendo 64 and when we where kids we had an old Nintendo.
A week ago I've bought the Nintendo Wii and I'm very happy with it, an amazing thing it is. But I can't get it connected with the shoppingchannel (or what it's called like in English) and to Wii connect24. It is saying that they are (temporally) not available. Very strange I've tried everything, new connection to the internet etc. Does anyone know where I can find my answer or wht I can do? Or should I call the helpdesk of Nintendo?

Thank you very much!
Hi there! Make sure you checked your Wii internet settings(probably you have, I'm just trying to cure my insomnia here). Make sure it's all updated too! Hmm... I'm sure another member will help!! Sorry...

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