Ninstation...The twin everyone forgot...Till now!

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Jan 2, 2007
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Hey guys,

In the down time, many of the users from here went on over to ninstation to fill the void that Wiichat left when it died...

So I think it's only fair that we head over there for the E3 news and goos. Neuro has done a fantastic job with the site and will be adding info throughout the conference here;;all;start=0

And there's also live chat for all those who want to talk about the great stuff nintendo has*sniggers*

I don't see this as site advertising. Like I said Ninstation was a good go to site in the downtimes, so give Neuro some credit and stay up to date with all the latest news from E3.

you may not see it as advertising but it still is. you're advertising an outside site. and for the record, this is the first time i ever heard of ninstation
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Ask around, others might see it differently, and I don't see this place with the sort of organisation that Ninstation has. It's for the benfit of a good moderator and so that you know everything when it happens.
why? youtube, G4, gaming magazines, why not use them? and yeah, you are advertising. its an outside site and you're advertising for wiichat people to go to it.
15. Competing Sites
The internet is a big place, and it's no surprise that from time to time a site will come along whose mission is to occupy the same niche as We have no issue with that. However, it would be against our best interests, and therefore the best interests of our members, for us to allow such sites to build upon our popularity by promoting themselves on Therefore, no competing site may attempt to gain traffic from in any way, including but not limited to links in posts, signatures, profile information, PM's, emails, or IM's.

Lol, gpole, you got the emails too then?
LAWL... GPole....epic fail.

Let it die.

I got the emails too.

BTW, you just missed Nintendo's E3 showing. Its streaming live now. :p
you may not see it as advertising but it still is. you're advertising an outside site. and for the record, this is the first time i ever heard of ninstation

Take the rules and shove it.

The only shame is that Neuro is WAY better than iOn.

Even though Wiichat has a larger audience, it is a magnet for dumbasses. When I say dumbass, I mean people who can't figure out how to turn off the blue light on their Wii or how to read instructions.

*Goes to Ninstation*
I'm gonna head over and see what this Ninstation place is about and give it a shot. If it has better organization than Wiichat, then I may go over there. And the fact that these kinds of threads (and clan promotion threads, and all other illegal threads) tend to stick around for about 4-6 eternities is truely a testament to how bad the moderation is here. Thank you :)
I remember this site being mentioned, I didn't join though, I'm already in too many bloody forums.

I had a look, and I saw LemonManx, the last person I expected to see. I didn't know he posted at wiiloaded either!
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LOL... One Nintendo based forum that doesnt even discuss Nintendo stuff is enough for me. I dont even own a Wii anymore.

And yes I'll openly admit this site has goen downhill hard, but it was still blatantly against the rules. :p
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