Nintendo DS already surpasses 9 million in Japan


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Jun 30, 2006
In addition Nintendo hopes to surpass 10 million this same summer.

Nintendo has confirmed that its portable console Nintendo DS has surpassed the 9 million machines sold in the Japanese market, from the launching of Nintendogs in the second trimester of the last year, the console is sold almost every week. The company has said that it hopes to surpass the barrier of the 10 million consoles sold in the month of August (in Japan).

Nintendo has alraedy sold more than 20 million portatil consoles (NDS) than Play Station (PSP) in all the world.
Man, Japan sure is supporting that DS...but who wouldn't when you could play that adorable nintendogs:)mad: which I hate w/ a passion by the way:mad: )
Still to tink that in the 2 years its been out, 9 million poeple in japan are walking around with a nintendo ds in their hands.
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Yeah, but think, that is only Japan
And now think how many DS Nintendo has already sold in all the world?

I think like 35 million.
That's not really alot though. If you think about how many countries there are, and the US and Japan alone probably hold about 15 million ds, theres only 20 million left to the whole world. Thats not saying much.
the ds is a great system. the psp is a crap game system, but a decent audio/visual machiene.

my advise, buy a ds for games, and an ipod video for a/v.
It funny casue the DS owned the XBox sales in Japan
basically if its not made in japan, they wont buy it.

stuck-up arrogant %&$(#es...

however, the only great xbox game was halo (and halo2)
Hey now there were some decent xbox games. I just can't remember them as of right now. lol