Nintendo Power - Round-up


Apr 30, 2006
Here's some information snippets from the latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine, thought it might be worth sharing.

  • Call of Duty 3 is confirmed for launch. An interesting point discussed was how one will arm and detonate an explosive; instead of simply pressing a button, you'll go through the motions and perform the action yourself. The AI has been vastly improved, and the game is now less linear than the previous iterations.
  • Rampage: Total Destruction will allow players the option of playing with the GCN controller or the Wiimote. (Take a hint, Zelda team!) There'll be 40 playable monsters and at least one new environment: Dallas. Time to get Cowboy-stompin'.
  • Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam will have a Create-a-Skater mode that...wait...that isn't really news. Never mind.
  • An interview with the team developing Trauma Center: Second Opinion states that the Wii version is less a "remake" than a "perfect vision" of the original game. Chapter 6 (the seven Sin missions, in the original DS version) will be entirely new, with a different ending. A second playable character will be introduced, and at least one new tool that sounds suspiciously like a defibrillator.

Yes, I was thinking that Trauma center: second opinion was multiplayer (thats why the name) and I will love to play those games!