Nintendo Sells Over 300K Wii U Consoles in Japan in First Week


<b>Editor in Chief</b>
Dec 5, 2012

The Wii U is unsurprisingly experiencing success in Japan. Nintendo sold over 300,000 units of the new console hybrid in just the first week. In fact, it was the seventh best hardware launch in the country. Here's a quote with some additional info,

The best selling game for the system was New Super Mario Bros. U, followed swiftly by Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Nintendo Land. 55 per cent of all Wii U purchasers bought Mario, which sold 170,563 units, whilst 110,159 people purchased Monster Hunter - an attach rate of 36 per cent.

For comparison, by Famitsu's own numbers, this makes the launch the seventh biggest in Japanese gaming hardware history. Its predecessor, the Wii, sold marginally better, shifting 371,936 units over launch weekend with Wii Sports as the top-selling title.

No comparable figures are yet available for other territories, and Nintendo is yet to confirm the number officially.

A list of the top selling Japanese hardware launch weekends is below, courtesy of Famitsu.
  • PS2: 630,552
  • GBA: 611,504
  • NDS: 441,485
  • Wii: 371,936
  • 3DS: 371,326
  • PSV: 321,407
  • Wii U: 308,570