Nintendo UK Looking To Maintain Wii U Momentum


Dec 7, 2012
The Wii U's launch has been successful both in the US and in the UK - I found this article that indicates Nintendo is going to make sure that the UK is well prepared in Q1 of 2013 to meet demands.

Here is a brief excerpt from the article...
It's fair to say the Wii U's launch has been a success, with the system selling out across the United States and shifting
40,000 units in the UK. Extra shipments are coming in thick and fast to meet the extreme demand that you'd expect for a new Nintendo console at Christmas time. Nobody really doubted that Wii U would be successful at launch, but many people are concerned about what's to come.
More can be read here...
its all good now but wat happens when the Xbox 720 and PS4 come out?? Everybody gunna want one of them and Wii U will b forgotten...
^ I highly disagree.

Let's not forget the fact that the Wii and even the 'Cube weren't forgotten in competition with Sony and Microsod's consoles. Even the almighty PS1 didn't dethrone Ninty's N64. If any particular company's console is gonna outright lose the console war and literally be forgotten, it simply isn't gonna be Nintendo's. I doubt there'l ever be a loser at all... Even after the whole red ring'a death, people still bought 360s and Microsoft still has a stake in the gaming market. Consoles have t' be pretty damn bad (Virtual Boy) or downright bad in execution or timing (Dreamcast) to actually lose to the competition and result in it's company jumping ship from the console business. I don't believe any of these three mainstay gaming companies will make an absolute flop of a console any time soon, if ever.

In short, Ninty is right t' be makin' sure demand can be supplied much as possible. Wii U is obviously sellin' like fresh hot cakes.
True, but compare the amount of Xbox and PS3 players compared to Wii.
nintendo need to up their gameif they want to compete with 'The Big Boys'
microsoft and sony have the reputation that Nintendo have been searching for for a long time.
Oh, I'm sorry. :lol: I forgot the Wii didn't cleanly destroy 360 and PS3 sales combined... Both Microsod and Sony alone have more consoles in homes than Ninty's Wii and especially hold a larger, more well known reputation. Even the elderly respect these two supremely flawless companies, but not Ninty. Of course. My mistake.
We all know that the Wii is the cheap family alternative compared to the Xbox and PS3 made for the hardcore gamers.
How many people subscribe to watch Wii gameplays on youtube?? Now take this number and compare it to the number of Xbox+PS3 gameplays and channel subscribers.BiG DiFFeRenCe o_0
Still can't tell if trollin' lol... I would hope ya are.

How many people subscribe to watch Wii gameplays on youtube??

Good question. Gimme some numbers.

Now take this number and compare it to the number of Xbox+PS3 gameplays and channel subscribers.

There ain't no numbers to compare since you ain't providin' any. :lol: You're spoutin' off baseless facts. Burden of proof, good sir (google it). Throw out some actual numbers and links to the proof, then we can do the math via them citations.
I'd say it's literally impossible to make any sort'a accurate guesstimation towards those exact numbers, but I'd imagine Ninty would be heavily in the lead. 'Specially with so many popular series' gettin' ported to Nintendo's consoles in the recent years. Like CoD, much to Nintendo's fanbase's dismay...

That aside, ya can't actually find these numbers. :lol: There's no categorization of what gaming videos are on which platform if they're not exclusive. And if we're talkin' exclusives, everyone knows Ninty always wins them 1st party battles 'n such.

I'm mighty convinced you're indeed trollin'.