No left handed Link/


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Feb 7, 2007
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No left-handed Link in new Zelda according to Big N & wii.nintendolife.

Only right handed so far

Southpaw control method "not currently planned"

When Zelda: Twilight Princess made the jump from GameCube to Wii, some fans of the green-clad hero were unhappy that the game was completely flipped from left to right to accommodate many players being right-handed. With the unveiling of Zelda: Skyward Sword only one week old – doesn't time fly? – those old wounds may be reopened as a recent report suggests Link will be staying right-handed only in his next adventure.

An article on gaming blog Wild Gunmen quotes Nintendo representative Julie Gagnon as stating that "left-handed controls are not currently planned", and you'll notice that in all the currently-released artwork Link is holding the sword right-handed.

There's still plenty of development time between now and the game's release next year, but for now it might be wise to start practising ambidexterity.