No spore for Wii or DS?

holy sh#t u scared me. i thought that u ment there would never be a wii spore. ive been looking forward 2 that game 4 a while, and my graphics/ processor can barely handle call of duty.
They're definently gonna put it on the Wii. I mean, the Wii-mote is basically a mouse with A, B, and a D pad.

Also, the Ds could work pretty good too.:yesnod:
I'm pretty sure what they said was this is not something they are looking into at the moment, as the have a pretty good foothold into the PC gaming society. But, as they say, they are still open to anything. Which, technically, could mean anything. I wouldn't get your hopes too high until Will Wright makes an official announcement. But hey, we have Double Agent now. Might even be a good trade off for Spore?...
if matt lied to us about this, what else could he have been lieing about to us?
weak i explained it but lost connection, ill explain it again
your basicly in a never ending universe where you can do anything from controlling cities and armies from being a lifeform growing up to being a UFO abducting things
yah kinda like sim city is some ways, if you do the controlling a city part, you build a civilization and stuff. then there is lifeform game, where you design a creature using tons of parts and colors and what not, then he starts off as a baby, then grows and grows, then you could like mate with another species and some of your guy's traits will be in the baby and some of the other ones traits will be in the baby, here lemme get a video
watch some of thoes, they will give you a full understanding of the game
its awsome!! u can create any kind of creature!! i cant wait 2 create a race of samurai teddy bears, or mabe piranah bunnys!!! or maby, ill create toads from the mario series!!