November release date!!!


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May 17, 2006
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I was buying a ds lite at gamestation yesterday and i saw on the tv there an advert for red steel and at the end it said coming november 24th. I advise all in the uk to get to your nearest gamestation and check it out.
apparently the 4th thursday in november... dunno when that is..
p.s u gettin my private messages MetroidZ?

Edit : coz i also heard that the Wii was menna be released before Thanks Giving..
Thanksgiving is on the 23rd of November. So if its realeased on the 24th it will come out on Black Friday (The day that stores have a really really big sale on their products). Where I live the stores open at 5am in the morning and people are lineing up at like 3 in the morning.). So if the Wii is realeased on that day, Nintendo will more money just on the launch day then any system makes in a month.