Official 'Wii keep our promise' discussion

Homicidal_Gamer said:
I saw that earlier today, and now I have a 100% feeling thats the day! I mean, REGGIES GONNA BE THERE! And it's in September! Thats gotta be the day! :D

That puts 2 of us on the same page, THIS HAS TO BE THE DATE
actually a spanish nintendo magazine did announce about 10 days ago that we will know everything about the will by sept. 15, so i would say that you 2 are deffinately right
im reading through other stuff here and it looks as if the EA will have 6 launch titles for the wii and only 3 for the ps3
3 weeks to wait, 3 weeks to wait dam you nintnedo, 3 weeks to wait...
although they did say it was september they were going to announce it....
missed the whole conferance had training, thank God I would've died in suspence
damn, readin through all these pages for...nothin. but it jus makes us more interested in the wii a bit more right?? even though it was kinda mean. but still, wii for mii!! lol
Well there goes another day at work down the drain :(
Could you atleast post those erect nipples since Nintendo didn't give us anything on the console :p