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Nov 19, 2006
Alright, right now I am at home for Thanksgiving and I have a wonderful private internet connection wirelessly and everything is running smoothly! Problem? I'm in college! When I go back, will I not be able to run Wii online? The online part is a HUGE part for me! And yes, the college does have a firewall but I do have my user name and password for the college although I don't know for sure what I would do when I would get to the "Type of Security" screen. Maybe enter all the info manually? The Wii is just not the same without the WiiNet!
Is there a way to contact the IT department to have them tell you what type of encryption they are using?
You have to know this in order for you laptop to get on the internet.
It's very easy to set it up manually.
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Ok. When I use my laptop at college, I just open my browser and it forces me to enter a user name and password on their site login. Then it's all set. It doesn't ask me what type of security and other info. Because of that, would I get the info from typing in CMD in "Run" and then "ipconfig"? But then what info would I take from that to add in manually into the Wii?
Try this link out.
| Nintendo - Customer Service | Wii
It walks you thru just about everything.
You would enter everything (I think) exactly as you get it back, except you need to change the IP address to something different. So if your laptop was, you would set up your Wii's IP as Now your college may have a someting other than the first three sets of numbers for you static IP. Just make sure they are the same.
You would keep the Subnet Mask, the Default Gateway, and both DNS servers the same as what you get on ipconfig/all.
Again, you just need to speak with the IT department to find out what type of security they use, and just ask them for a seperate username and password for your Wii.
you will have problems. I promise you. but I bet it won't take long.

Firstly, if your school has wireless, you probably enter the same settings in your Wii as you do in your computer.

If not, and you run Windows, get one of the nintendo usb wi-fi joints and you'll be set, I don't run windows but I'm sure it's easy to set up considering it's made by nintendo for nintendo.

If not, and you run a Mac with a wireless card, but you have a wired connection, it's easy as pie to set up. PM me and I'll give you the details. It took me a few hours to find it until I realized the settings would be the same as getting a DS online (likely) so I searched for instructions for that instead. duh.