Old Guy With New Wii


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Sep 23, 2009
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Hi folks -- just got a Wii, so I thought I'd sign up here.

It struck me just how long I've been doing this, when I set up the new Wii system... had to move the NES box to make room!

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What games you playin with your Wii old guy?

I'm starting with the new versions of the old games I used to like: Super Mario Galaxy, Sonic and the Secret Rings, and the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

They're all very good, but I'm especially impressed with this new Metroid. You can actually explore a bit, without getting ripped to shreds!

Next on the wish list: Zelda...

Welcome to wiichat, hope you like it here. :burgerking:
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Well, thanks for all the welcomes, folks!

I got a Zelda Virtual Console game (Ocarina), so I can cross that off the wish list. I do want to try the new Zelda, though, and maybe some version of Castlevania.

As for being old, I told my buddy at work about the Wii, and he's really excited about getting one -- "for the wife," y'know. :wink: And this guy is even older than me... (*gasp*)