OMG! ps3 ps3 ps3 ps3 ps3 ps3 all the posters!

Jun 5, 2006
oops... forgot
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so heres the thing... i walked around the shoping senter here at my place.
And in every electro\game shop there was ps3 poster and it said!
pre-order your copy today!
and i sick after this trip! it was everywhere! the comersial is coming in to me !
in one week maby i'm a ps3 fan! OMG! maby i should buy the ps3! :tard:


wii:drool: ok seriesly the last bit was not true,...:rolleyes:
The commercial is coming "in to you"? :confused:

Look, of course there's going to be PS3 posters around. Big deal. Sony want to sell the thing and they ain't gonna manage that if no one knows when it's coming out.
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i think the ps3 comes out november 17th. (don't quote me on that) I don't think the Wii will come out later than that but i could be wrong.
There are some wii posters in certain eb games shops. They just show people using the wii-mote (how original?) and explaining the functions of the wii-mote.

I suppose poor sony has to advertise for the products to get good sales.
Whilst the wii doesnt have to be advertised and the gossip has spread like wildfire and almost everyone knows about the wii.
Hopefully nintendo is smart enough to bring the Wii before the PS3 because lets face it there ae more PS3 fans out there than nintendo. If nintendo bring the Wii after the PS3, it won't get noticed (it will but not as much as the PS3).