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Jun 12, 2006
Helsinki, Finland
there was a smaller buy than man that he is today. That boy was enlighted when he found his Nintendo entertaiment system from one of his gift wraps alongside with small collection of games. So he spent a long time playing on those games and for every birthday and christmass he wished for some more games and kept on been amazed of those games. One of those most memorable ones was Final Fantasy 3 (in us) and he spent allmost two fulldays on that game never getting enough (still best ever ff in my humble oppinion). Later came Snes and all the great games on it and somewhat later N64 and PS2 and all the new games both consoles and pc. And yet still he remained on awe for those designers creativity and vision.

So today this boy now crownup man still plays games and still playing on those old consoles that have been in tender care for so many years and still hoping that creativity and vision are really what makes games worth playing.

Now saying hello to all other members and hope wii will have some interesting discussions.

Yours truly Ancestor
Welcome to the forums!

FFVI (or III in the US- I hate the confusing American numbering) was my favourite Final Fantasy as well- superb story, great characters and some nice surprises. Pity we had to wait until 2002 to get it here in Europe.

unfortunately i cannot share in the old final fantasy memories, the only one i ever got to play was mystic quest...though i'm now starting over from the beginning...i picked up I & II yesterday for the gba
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