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Sep 25, 2006
This is for anyone who has an idea for a game they'd like to see made for the Wii. Feel free to make the ideas as crazy as you'd like, but make sure they're original. Remember to include any play mechanics (how you use the Wiimote, nunchuck, etc.) but don't let your games be limited to the "new" gaming, you can still give ideas that would use the traditional setup. Oh and please, try not to simply say, "I want (insert already created game) on the wii, that'd be awesome." If you want to add to someone elses game idea feel free, but no insulting ideas, any idea can be a good idea...I hope.
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Okay to start off what I hope will be a half successfull thread, I do have an idea or two, and I'll add more as they come.
The first idea I have is for a true boxing game on the Wii (I know wiisports has one but I don't know the mechanics so stay with me). The Wiimote and nunchuck would both be used, one representing each hand of the boxer. The game mechanics could be simple, move both down to duck, right or left to move right or left. To punch you simply have well...punch. Also each hand could have a 'super punch' ala super punch out where if you hold down the a or z button respectively you can use the super. This punch would have to move a little slower on screen as you are putting more power into it. I personally would love to play a game that got me into the action of boxing without having to take the pain.
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Another idea I've come across (this is not mine, if you thought of it, PM me and i'll give you credit, i just forgot where it came from) is a game based on the Ghost busters series. Players could use the wiimote to detect spirits and as a proton pack. Wouldn't it be great to walk alongside Dr. Venkman bustin ghosties. Also players could direct the ghost to a trap via the wiimote and open the trap with the nunchuck.