Perfect Dark 64 weapon sets

Jun 5, 2006
Sydney Australia
Has anyone got any costum weapon sets or good scenarios for Perfect Dark 64.
Ive recently started playing it again and i would be greatfull for your ideas.
One of my favourite sets is tranquilizers playing on sewers.
The level that is like the one in Goldeneye with the golden magnums at the top and on the way their you get to pick up things like the laptop gun to position at the entrance and mines (proximity or self detonated, I can't remember the names exactly but I think that was what they were called) also the pheonix and the self controlled rockets put it on teams with you and a mate and go on top and while your mate protects you with the golden magnum use the self controlled rockets to fly them around the stage also put the laptop gun and mines at the entrance to the top XD