Planning on renting a PS3 game. Could use a reccomenddation


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Oct 28, 2006
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Hi there. I've been rocking Killzone 2 and such, but I'd like more than an FPS to oggle at.

So, here's the games I've played/owned:

Killzone 2
Resistance 1 and 2
Burnout Paradise
Guitar Hero
Uncharted : Drake's Fortune
Army of Two
The Orange Box

I've been eyeing that Eternal Sonata, or the Tom Clancy's HAWX.

I know the Enternal Sonata has some co-op aspects to it (played the demo). I like co-op since I now have close-by friends (one of the few advantages of dorms).

Also, I'm getting the game for 5 days, and going to class, too.
So it's gotta be under.... 20 hours game-time.

So, any suggestions?
Else I'll just go flip a coin between Eternal Sonata or Tom Clancy's HAWX (played the demo to this and enjoyed it. Nuts to you, IGN.) .

Also, if I had a three sided coin, I may throw Devil May Cry 4 into the mix. Haven't played a beat-'em-up in a while.
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Oh whups! Forgot to mention I've owned, beaten, and traded in the resistance series. Harhar.

I dunno about that Afro Samurai.

And Resident Evil's kinda hard for me ]:
Some good ones are:

-MotorStorm Pacific Rift. I loved the first one, and the second should be even better, as well as capable for the local multiplayer.
-Devil May Cry 4. No multiplayer for friends but a heck of a lot of mindless fun.
-Resident Evil 5. I heard the story mode is actually quite forgiving. And the Co-Op is supposed to be awesome.
-WipEout HD. I dunno if you're into this sort of racer, but always looked solid to me. You'd have to actually buy this one, though, for the equivalent of about $20 USD.
-Street Fighter IV is a good one if you tolerate fighters.

Among that list, RE5 might be your best choice since it has solid single- and multiplayer. Then maybe DMC4. I unfortunately don't know anything about how great Eternal Sonata or HAWX are.
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[STRIKE]Ninja Gaiden II? Awhoops...360 exclusive ;D[/STRIKE]

Silent Hill: Homecoming?
Standard Silent Hill

More than just a fps

The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest
Just fight through the campeigns and play around online, like a beat 'em up version of battlefront

Street Fighter IV

Metal Gear Solid 4
It's freaking Metal Gear Solid!

Dead Space?
Decent little third person sci-fi horror

Ratchet & Clank Future
Zany pixar style 3rd person shooter/beat 'em up

Ninja Gaiden Sigma?
Solid beat 'em up, hard as hell, you'll spend the 20 hours wondering why you suck so badly at it, don't worry it's not you

Prince of Persia?
Now with 100% less time travel!

Just some ideas.
Have you considered Skate 2?
You could probably beat it in 20 hours, and even if you don't, you definitely won't be bored of it after 20 hours of playtime.
Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction is highly recommended. And maybe Battlefield: Bad Company? But you probably don't want another FPS.
Oh whups! Forgot to mention I've owned, beaten, and traded in the resistance series. Harhar.

I dunno about that Afro Samurai.

And Resident Evil's kinda hard for me ]:

my recomendations, ratchet and clank, played the demo and i'd love to own the game but not for 40 bucks. ive come close to renting it but havent gotten around to it yet.

resi 5- heard its much more of an action game than it is a survival game like 4 was. making it much easier, plus its got awesome co op

LOTR: Conquest can be beaten in about 4-5 hours and online play is fun. as long as your willing to forgive a few issues it has it can be fun to mess around with. i made the mistake of purchasing it, played it for a few weeks and traded it for 30 bucks. but it was fun for a few weeks.
I would recommend SF4, but people generally don't borrow fighting games, so I would just go with RE5. Can't go wrong with Resident Evil!
honestly, im not even joking here

50 cent: Blood on the Sand

its honestly really fun. over the top, and doesnt take it self seriously unlike the last 50 cent game

co-op play aswell, im sure your buddy has always wanted to play the role as one of the members of G-Unit, haha

i just wanted to suggest a game no one else would since i knew all the same suggestions would come up
I would play that game just so I can purposely die to watch 50 cent actually die from bullet wounds. After his first album I really hate 50