Prison Break


Apr 30, 2006
Just got finished watching the last few epsisodes of this series and wow what a show :cool:

I started watching after the 2nd or 3rd episode and got completely hooked. The plot twists and suspense is pretty well done and the characters really bring the show together.

From where they left it in series 1 im pretty sure a second series is in the pipeline, hopefully not too long away.

Anyone else been enjoying this show?
Up to 16th episode of first season, it's airing on Australian tv at the moment. Loving every moment of it. :)
The true Link said:
i never rili watched this i kinda missed a few eps do u uys think i should start watchin it???
I highly recommend it. You just never know what to expect, ie lots of twists that makes the plot better all the time.