Transformers 2 Review... and a possible return to WiiChat


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Jan 23, 2008
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Hello again WiiChat. Its been a while. What initially attracted me to this forum was the anticipation of SSBB releasing... once the game flopped, I dipped my toe in the waters of The Lounge and whatnot, but then retired from most forums completely. But one of my long time passions have always been writing. So why not write and share, so more can read my stuff... and hopefully by both of our standards, we can both benefit from my writing. I like to explore all aspects of writing and I recently watched Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen and was more than dis-satisfied with the reviews i've read of it. So, what better place to start than to write my own. You should know that this review is more of an informal rant on other reviews lols :) But i think its a fun read. comment as you wish.

The Review:

It must be stated that this is a review coming from an average fan of the series. I watched the show, and still love watching an old throw back episode or two, and have a decent knowledge of the characters, plot, style, and story line of transformers, but would not be considered 'hardcore'... In other words, the subtitle: Revenge of The Fallen, did not spoil the movie for me, and if me saying that means nothing to you, this review is probably a good gauge of how the movie will impress you.

It must also be said that I watched the movie before reading any reviews or listening to any hype. I wanted the movie fresh, and unspoiled. I had no idea who or what I would see apart from trailers.

My initial impression of the movie was that it was everything that I wanted it to be. Wherever it lacked, it made up for by blowing me away with awe-inspiring CGI and pure unadulterated awesomeness by the hands of Optimus Prime... who by the way has the most manly voice in history.

Reviews I have read have been very harsh on this sequel, as they are with all sequels. For some reason every movie review writer expects the sequel to have double the impact the prequel contained. Expecting it to be groundbreaking, and revolutionary in obvious ways. Well Revenge of The Fallen is all of these things, but not in the way the reviewers wanted it to be. There are three main problems each review brought out. I will go through them now.

I don't know why anyone expected this movie to have any more plot than the first one did... Why must there always be a deep story behind every bad guy? Why must there always be 17000 sub plots? Why can we not just sit down and enjoy a good traditional movie of robots killing stuff... in a 21st century life like form?

Even historically, and traditionally, there is no reason for complain. Has there EVER been a transformers series or movie with a plausible plot? Has it ever been deep? NO! A review complained about the lack of reason behind the Decepticons being on earth... uuuuuhm the reason is clear... to get the key... and put it in the big contraption thingy... and kill the sun... take its energy... and destroy the earth and all that bad guy jazz... but besides that fact... when has there ever been a need for a reason for the decepticons actions?... There was never a reason why The Fallen chose earth to destroy, nor a reason for him hating earth, nor a reason that he was bigger than all his brothers, nor a reason that every decepticon is always bigger and stronger and more numerous than its autobot counterpart, nor a reason for the decepticons ever being bad in the first place... they just WERE.

Meagan Fox's acting:
This one'll be short... we knew she couldn't act in the first movie... and we knew she was playing in the second movie... why are we sooo surprised she still cant act?... these same haters on Meagan Fox will go home and watch they're favorite adult program tonight... when they do... wonder to yourself... how good of actors are they???... they're not... they're horrible... but just like Meagan Fox... they're hot... Eye candy's been used for decades to attract attention, there is no need to make a huge fuss over it now that its emerged on a pg movie... especially when this is the second of the series.

Too maaaany robots!!!:
.... If you go back and watch the G1 series... you'll see like 70 trasformers... and you'll still only know the names of Optimus, Jazz, Bumblebee, Megatron... such and such... you'll know 10/70. Should we not be happy that were bringing that back?

anyways i cut that last one short cuz... i'm tired. but the one thing we can all agree on is that the CGI is wonderful... my jaw was through the floor watching Optimus rip up 3 different guys at once in IMAX glory. My jaw dropped again as bumblebee killed up that red thing... the point is... it doesn't matter what the movie was about, nor who was in it, the fact of the matter is Transformers was made to be a 'cool' movie, and thats what we should expect from it. There will be no plot, no depth of character, just pure, easy to watch and enjoy, coolness.