Problem with CFG USB Loader


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Oct 23, 2016
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I have CFG USB Loader, a Homebrew application made to run backups of Wii games. Everything is working perfectly fine on it, but unless you download the covers of the games, all you see is a bunch of gray boxes with dark gray "?"s. So I went to download the covers, and it starts on my backed up copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk. Almost immediately after starting that download, the screen goes black and a rapidfire wall of text scrolls up the screen, ending with "Reloading in 60 seconds". And that it does, sending me back to the Homebrew Channel. Anything I can do?

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Sep 14, 2010
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Reinstall CFG USB Loader.
Make sure you delete any files you have for it within the apps folder and on the root of your SD card.
Also make sure it's the latest release of CFG USB LOADER.

Out of curiosity why is it that you aren't using WiiFlow? It's the best USB Loader for Wii and it's GUI looks better.