Aug 6, 2006
Ok right now we had some flamers, well the one left once i said i was done fighting, but the other keeps spamming at what not.

Perhaps you could give someone admin control to help ban spammers and whta not, then they post to you the reason and everything, becuase not 1 person is always on.

i know this sounds down right cocky but maybe i could be 1 of the people with admin controls? i pretty much do nothing in my day (except for when i occasionaly go out) besides comp and working out. i check the forums all times of the day

but i would just like to see more admin control to help since this forum is growing larger and that means more bad bugs are getting in
I wouldn't mind being recruted to be an aprentice-admin, as well. Can moderators, like Mr_Stoukaph, delete posts/ban members, or is that only admin? If not, then I'd like to be a moderator. I know I've been gone a while, but now I'm definitly here to stay.:D
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its hard to, they take up space and its everywhere when someone spams
A forum is only as good as it's mods and admin, which is why this place is so great. Also I think only people that are calm and non-offensive should be allowed to be moderators, or else we may see people leave because of non-understanding mods. Not saying any names, but I think some people may abuse the powers if given to them.

Although I would love to be a moderator, I'd have to cut down on my fanboy allegences. I mean, by the sounds of it, I'm one of the older crowd here anyway (21). Just not sure if iOns recruiting...
Being a moderator would bring you alot of new responsibility though. I'm pretty busy, and I too would consider myself among the older crowd (20). Even though being a moderator would be cool, you'd have to ask yourself if you have the time, patience or determination to do it.