Producer of Chibi-Robo, speaks about the Wii:


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Jul 21, 2006
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"The Producer of Chibi-Robo spoke to C3 about the Wii. The following is an excerpt of the interview:

C3: Would you ever consider resurrecting (Chibi-Robo) the game in the future for another system such as the DS or Wii?

KN: I think I would like to realise it, and I hope it happens, however in reality, I think it is difficult because of complicated copyrights. And I would rather step forward to the next game than remaking past works. It is not actually a remake, but I am always interested in sending out messages not limited to the game, such as Chibi-Robo animation [ that is ] posted on the following website:

C3: What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Wii and its announced features, such as the WiConnect24 idea where the system can remain on standby whilst things are downloaded to it whilst you sleep?

KN: In Japan, “nuclear fuel reprocessing plants” have become an issue and I heard it is the case in the UK [ as well ]. I have created a piece of work to put the issue of nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in the public view worldwide, after being advised by Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto, who is the musician and was my partner when creating L.O.L. together.

We are consuming a great amount of electric energy to create games and consuming electricity when players are playing games. I feel a double bind in that. However, at the E3, Mr. Iwata (the president of Nintendo) said, “WiiConnect24 will consume less power and be friendly with regard to household finances”, which I think is a wonderful idea also in that sense. So, I would like to fully support the idea.

C3: How do you think Nintendo will cope against the strong competition from Sony and Microsoft during this generation?

KT: Nintendo is always focusing on creating unique and innovative entertainment so that we can break into new markets. We are not interested in a turf battle in the same market. Wii and DS are machines created and based on this concept. Nintendo will continue to make the effort so that users can have an enjoyable time."

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It appears that the producer of Chibi Robot is very confident with the wii! Also WiiConnect24 can be a problem not only in the UK but in Japan it could be a problem too. Yet Iwata did state that WiiConnect24 takes very very little power and takes up minor financis. Well I hope you enjoyed reading the article, I will bring you guys more news as soon as it is available! :)

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I have this game, and its pretty fun. Also, when was this interview held, because at E3 they showed a demo for chibi-robo: park patrol for the ds. so yeah.