Ps3 graphics. WTF


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May 24, 2006
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I dont know why people are so obsesed over graphics that dont even look like real people. whenever it gets to a point where you cant figure out wether or not its a real person or animated then it might be worth it. like ripping on Wiisports b/c it doesnt look like real people its just stupid when everyone who played it said it was amazing. it just stupid that they put so much emphasis on stuff like this
He looks seriously weird his neck all retarded his arm and face skin are a different colour and his shirt is really strange
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I know it just so wierd how people change something that was created to just pass time and have fun into this thing full of crazy standards. And i was thinking about the giraffe neck when i posted that pic too lol. so whats up with the wiisports bashing by ign, kinda wierd huh.
What a giant neck! as a jirafe one... Its fotoshop or those are the real PS3 graphics?
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nope thats a 100% real gameplay graphics of the ps3
The article doesn't totally bash the Wii

"Nintendo could pack in a ton of content. Sure the system would be great at under $200 bucks, but throw in another controller (like we said, most games are multiplayer thus far) along with Wii Sports and you've got yourself an amazingly strong core system. Include the Zapper and Classic controllers into the mix and you've got a $250 package that no gamer could resist, period."

- Scythe
man the only thing is that the polygons look nice and the textures do, but the shading on the skin is so goofy I hate it. (the PS3 pic) I don't think they'll even get skin to look "normal" because how will they do that? It still looks weird in my opinion
the PS3 is supposed to look like a computer because thats what theyre trying to make it feel like now. plus the FF XII and XIII graphics actually do look very close to real people. i think people who want awesome graphics in a game want it to me more like reality. but theyre stupid because they diss on the Wii when thats even more like reality (Wiimote).
they try to make games to realistic nowadays.

whatever happened to the lush forests and different worlds in games.

thats what i like to see, and the wii can do that just fine imo.

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