Wii graphics question


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May 18, 2006

I have a question, are the people in those pictures animated or just static. I ask this because they awful close to real anime. If this is the kind of graphics that can be acheived on the wii i no longer care about how realistic any other console claims to be, because in my opinion anime looks better then real life lol. Given the chance, i would watch japanese cartoons over going to the movies anyday.

Sorry if this should be in the lounge or something.
Yeah the characters in the pics are really nicely drawn anime... my guess is that they are static pics (i think this is the way they are in the original DS game too)... if however they are moving, animated characters... boy is this going to rock!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. i too agree that anime rocks... yet I dont know if any machine, let alone the Wii, is going to be able to process such character models with such graphical clarity in real time...
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Thanks. It makes sense really cause even the Computer animated anime out there doesn't even look that good yet. O well.
They are definitely still characters 'cause you see that girl in 4 screens with the same face... but perhaps they would animate the mouths.
still caricters
but as far as the grapics question goes dont care its the games i want (been gameing since pong still got my first consloe)
the other day i was playing yars revange (atari 2600) for hours