Jul 7, 2006
I want to know what sony is thinking by making 7 controler slots. 7! For one, why make it an uneven number like 7 creating uneven teams? And even if they have something like camera mode from ssbm where 6 people play and the extra takes pictures for some reason, how are you going to fit 6 players on one screen?! Are they expecting everyone who buys a 600 dollar ps3 to also buy a big screen tv? Well thats insane!:mad:
I just went and read on a gamespot PS3 forum, there was actually an argument. Well, they said it's not really all for 7 contollers, it could be, but since the thing uses bluetooth (so they said) that it was for other devices to hook up as well...there is just an option for 7 things to connect...controllers being one of them. But they were saying that most games won't support that many players so it really wouldn't matter anyway. Besides, the PS3 has so much weird crap, I wonder if developers will even mess with half of it right away...since it will most likely be very difficult.
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thanks for clearing that up but 7 still seems like such an uneven number even for accesories. for instance if your playing a 4 player game where each player needs their own accesory hypotheticaly, there would only be 3 slots left!
I think thats insane, how can people play with 7 controllers in a room??? and if someone farts!!! :wtf: Anyway 7 is a not pair number so how can they make teams or play team games. I think the PS3 is making it very complicated and expensive to understand the PS3 thats why i think people are starting to see more the Wii not as a 3rd or 2nd option maybe they are seen by thei own ayer that PS3 is not good to play games, is good as a computer and see the Wii as an alternative
Sony is seeing how much stuff the Wii and 360 is able to do and try and top it. theyre going to dig their own grave this way. i wonder how long it will last...
just remember it's not just for contollers, it's for other stuff too, don't get stuck on the "7" number, because the system has the ability to support 8 blue tooth devices, from what I've heard, but the system has to be counted as 1 of them for some reason, leaving seven spaces left for connectivity of various formats.
so on top of buying a ps3, i can hook up all my other gear that cost about the same price? Seriously how much money do they think people have? (btw im not really getting a ps3)
yeah see thats another thing i didnt like with the PS2 they were so gay to not even put 4 controller slots....they actually made you buy an extention (multi-tap) to play with more than 2 players......god thos money craving b1tch3es