question about hooking up component cables


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Mar 18, 2009
bought the component cables and was wondering best way to hook up the audio, normally i hook up all Audio/Video to the TV then i use the TV Audio Outs to my receiver, i was wondering when u do that does the pro logic signal from the wii still make it to the receiver or does the tv cut it out then its just i guess stereo that the tv puts out? be nce if still works that way, otherwise gotta buy extension cable to run straight to the receiver, i like the way i usually do it since i dont always use my stereo so i have the choice to just use the tv speakers, and if want my stereo just a matter of turning it on
I run it the way you do, to the TV, everything from the TV thru the receiver... That's how every component I own is connected. TV speakers are never turned on, only the audio system.
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appears for the wii that method works fine since wii only puts out dolby pro logic, if wanted say ps3 or xbox dolby digital 5.1 ud have to use a digital cable like optical or coaxial as the rca/composite cables arent able to handle those signal, from what i been reading anyway

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