question about the virtual console


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Aug 7, 2006
Hi i was just wondering how the virtual console worked - how do u download the games - do u need internet at home ? or is there another way u can do it
Why did you post the same tread twice?

Anyway, I think you download them off the internet.
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my bad - i tried to stop it the 1st time so i could be more specifc on the title

thanx - so what does that mean for ppl like me who dont have internet at home
As far as I'm aware, they are downloaded to the Wii via the internet and are stored either in the internal memory (flash based, 512 MB) or in SD memory cards.
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ok thats not bad . So do u think there is a chance that u could download off internet - via internet cafe, mates house etc. Store it on a card (or something similar) and then put it on wii.
i think that you might not need internet and that yor wii is everything u need, and can get 2 the internet by itself. im not sure if thats the truth, but it seems like it