Raising Money for the Wii


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Aug 3, 2006
As I am prone to say, I havn't gamed in a long time. That makes me out of the know in a sense.

I own a PS2, that is working and in decent shape other than being dusty and having the front lip of the cd cradle broken off. I might have a game or two as well.

Where's a good store in the states to sell my two or three games and the system? Any suggestions who might give a decent price for the PS2 system itself and the few games that I have?

I could probably find out myself if I call around (which I probably will). Just thought I'd ask. Thought I'd be lazy.

I hate the idea of 250.00 dollars plus the price of another controller and a decent game besides the bundled sports game. Maybe selling this old thing could defray the price.

What do you guys and gals think I could get for it, in store credit or whatever?

Thanks in advance,

Whatever you do, do not take it to Gamestop or EB Games. The screw you over so bad. They'll give you at most $25.
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Thanks for the warning. I might inquire at Hastings. They have a trade in system.