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Aug 6, 2006
Hey guys, this is a help topic on how to make those extra bucks for your Wii, first off, got any other console? SELL IT! Unless there is those games you NEED for your PS2/XBox, if you have a gamecube SELL IT, theres no need anymore! First off, try asking around, when new generations come out, a lot of people stay with the generation behind because they know the game prices are going to be low, ask around if they want to buy your console/games. I'm selling my GC for 30 with no controller, I suggest keeping atleast 2 controllers to play your old GC games and some new Wii titles. AVOID STORES AT ALL COSTS. Stores for selling should only be a last ditch attempt! They give you crap! If your selling your ps2, xbox, or gamecube, see how much they go for used, then sell it for that -5 to 10 if your throwing in a controller/game, -20 if no controller or game included. Sell your games you really dont need: Ask yourself, Is it really worth keeping this or should I scrap it now? Keep the games that you really LOVE. As for gamecube, sell the ones you KNOW you wont play once you get a Wii, sell games like Battalion Wars, Mario Party (possible), Mario Strikers, and games like that, because sequels are coming out! If anything use that money you make from them to put towards their sequels. Sequels are ussualy better!!! Keep atleast 1 memory card or enough to hold your games, sell any others, if you end up having 2 PS2 controllers, and you sold all your multiplayer games, what do youd do!? Sell the extra ps2 controller! Going into the Next-Gen means out with the old in with the new! Sell everything that is going to collect dust. Remember, try to sell to a family member, (of course give them a bigger discount) friends, or just people at school! (make sure to get the money first, no exceptions) Remember, 2 controllers is a safe amount to keep from your GC! Thanks for your time, I hope this is helpful!!
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Yep, everyone better get selling their GC's fast if they're going to buy a Wii or they'll be stuck with a Wii with slower graphics and no Motion sensing.

Good guide.
Yes very helpful but it's unlucky for me my bro is moving back in with me and my parents and my mum said that i would have to give my GC to him if im getting a wii :(
I'd like to point out that I still immensely enjoy playing with my GC and have no desire to sell it in the near future. The reason? Good games on it like Metroid Prime, SSBM etc. But they can be played on the Wii.

I'll sell it when I know the release date and I already know sum1 who really wants to have a GC so I'll sell it to him within a week of the release date. And I have some games that I never play so I can add that to the possible selling of the GC and games.
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bad skin, a family guy video game...are you ****in serious, what have games based on movies (this goes for MOST game-movies) and shows taught us? THEIR HALF ASS ATTEMPTS TO MAKE SOME EXTRA MONEY
and as for FF....**** it! ZELDA!!!!!!! METROID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZELDA BEAT FF IN A POLL, FACE IT!
You were helpful, but it was only for the people that have consoles, what about people don't have one? How they are going to do like me... you only gave one suggestion with multiple options... I hope to see more suggestions not only to sell games and consoles.
Lord Haku said:
No can't give up the ps2 what up Final Fantasy 13 and not to mention Family Guy that is coming can't let go..........

I agree, the PS2 has too many good games to sell, especially if you have no plans to buy the PS3 (even then you might want to keep it, I've heard not everything will backwards compatible).

Oh and the Family Guy game will probably be crap.
Targets help a lot and they encourage you to save, I mean I started with like $0 and now I've almost got $500