Rampage: Total Destruction - heading to Wii


Apr 30, 2006
Midway today confirmed that the arcade title Rampage: Total Destruction would be on its to the Nintendo's Wii.

Midway sadly did not confirm any specific dates, just simply 'Winter'. Rampage: Total Destruction is currently available on the GameCube and a few other consoles, the Wii's difference will be 10 more monsters and seven additional city backgrounds.

Oh and there's also the Wiimote's functionality in this title.

source: eurogamer
Well, as always I did know most of this, anyway... I dont like rampage and will not page any cent for it
Rampage: Total Destruction for the Gamecube was only fun for an hour then it got boring I see the Wii version no different.
Yeah iOn I suprised you didn't remeber it from my Haku Gaming a while back, Alright My 100th post Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!