Rap battle!


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Mar 21, 2009
rules:write down your best made up verses
doesnt matter if theyre crappy or not
but im not startin
Ok I guess I'll start...not gonna write down my best since I don't want anyone to steal it. So I'll put up a rap I made mocking one of my teachers. Its put to the Lil. Wayne- A Milli beat.:

Call me Doug Edwards I'm the MAGNET Coordinator
Walkin down the hall like terminator
And my shoes match my jacket
Blue ties I gotta have it
And my car so blue that they call me captain planet
the rims on chrome man they spinnin all day
now the whole student body listen what I gotta say
When I step in the room know there better be silence
you betta tell ya neighbor or there's gonna be violence
put pen to paper and ya might gain some knowledge
I mind unchallenged is nothing but garbage
If that's the case, then you can call me the trash man
I'll take out ya brain and then I'll dump it in the trash can
file 13 is where it resides
And I keep em' all seperate like parrallel sides
That's a little geometry, a little trigonometry
but nobody knows da answers so we call it, AN ANOMALY!!!
(There was A LOT more but I will stop there)
A forum rap battle? This guy can't be serious.

Better make sure you ban google.
I'm a gangsta, I'm a staight-up G
the gangsta life is the life for me
Shootin people by day, sellin drugs by night,
being a gangsta is hella tight
I walk around town with a stark erection,
then gave your mom a yeast infection
I came up to a policeman and I punched him in the eye,
to serve and protect, what a lie
I also don't like white people, you shouldn't too;
and don't get me started about the Jews
I'm a gangsta, grrr I'm mad
I'm a gangsta my rhymes are bad
I'm a gangsta, am I stout like a freezer?
I'm a gangsta and I don't listen to Weezer
I dropped outta school at the age of three
cuz all the teachers tried to player hate on me
my rhymes are cool just like doin cocaine
my rhymes are hot like a burning flame
Sisqo is my homee. He's a gangsta too
me and Sisqo are the leaders of the gangsta crew
I like to be in jail and he likes to sing and dance
some say we're the perfect match
I'm givin a shout-out to all my homees in cell-block eight
bein in jail sucks cuz ya always have to masterbate
except when a Jewish person goes to jail, all my homees cheer
they will make mince-meat out of his rear
then Pessy helped me make the gangsta beat to the song
I shot him in the face cuz he looked at me wrong
I'm a gangsta, I drop bombs like Hiroshima
I'm a gangsta, b*tch suck on my weiner
I'm a gangsta, I drive a cool car
I'm a gangsta, I smoke weed in a cigar.
Dont revive threads. And you stole that whole song from a song.Heres a kid lipping it..

Oh gosh, the world's going to end because K-Dawg333 just revived a bad thread and stole the lyrics to a song! [/sarcasm]
The only rap song I ever made up is this:

I really don't know why I'm singin' rap,
So I think I'm going to stop this crap!