Rare Games on Virtual Console


The Crusher
May 21, 2006
As most of us know the video game company Rare is now owned by Microsoft, which means on the Virtual Console Rare games will not be playable because they are owned by Microsoft now. This is a huge dissapointment. No Conker's Bad Fur Day, Banjo-Kazooie, Tooie, and Goldeneye.
Well that sucks, trust Microsoft to ruin gaming lol. Why did nintendo sell rare to microsoft again? There must be a logical reason behind it.
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Hopefully they can work out a deal with Microsoft, but I highly doubt it.
Rare was created by Stamper brothers and when they decided to sell the company they first offered it to Nintendo but they didnt buy it for some reason. After that Rare offered the sale to microsoft which of course they took up cause who wouldnt buy that many franchise game licenses and the company name, especially if you have all the money in the world
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That was a terrible decision by Nintendo, Rare games are Nintendo's best sellers, or at least for N64 they were. But, I already have Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, and Goldeneye.
Wouldnt The Old rare games such as Donkey kong 1 2 and 3, bako kazooie and tooie, goldeney, perfect dark... and so on still be Nintendo's Because Microsoft baught Rare not the rare games that were on Nintendo,

althought the third Banjo Kazzoie that was released on Mobile Phone :( Had Microsoft in the titles
Unnamed Nintendo employees have speculated that licensing issues will be a predominant factor in determining whether a game is available for Virtual Console, giving the examples of GoldenEye and Tetris possibly being too expensive to license for the Virtual Console.

Taken straight from the Wiki article.
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Maybe they could work out a deal like a copyright deal or something and every lets say goldeneye they sell, microsoft gets a percentage of that sale.