Rate the person above you!! w00t!!

Wow...Why are all the pokedudes hanging out in the board games section? Wario was the first ever pokedude..But he's everywhere.....I was bored so I came here and liked it...Anyways, I already explained that wario is everywhere soo......

10/10!!!! He's so funny! i swear, you want to be his friend! you can trust this guy 100%!!!!! Plus, his cousin ..Dallas is funny as well! They're both funny! Gotta love em!
Easy To Talk To, Will Listen To You, can take A Joke, An All-Around Awesome Friend, And can be Trusted Alll The Way!
well ^^ ive read alot of your post and you are wise and make good points 8.5/10
My MAN! you deserve 10...a 10 a 10 a...a10 a 10 devided by 2! HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAHA look who won that one? ME! [jokes]