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The Storm

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Mar 22, 2008
Simple enough. Give the person who posts above you a rating as an RPer from 1-10 and reasons for the rating.

Ok, begin.
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10/10 right back atcha Shadow.

Shadow - One of the great RPers. The creator of Realms, the only RP to make it all the way to the end since October. Along with being one of my best friends, he is a flawless writer.
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Told you I was a great motivational speaker. Lolz. No problem bro

Oh, by the way, with my birthday celebrations passed and all I'll start back on readying Seekers. Expect results before the week is over.
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Havent seen too much action from you in RP's so far Bonide, but from Second Chance and that epic prologue for Seekers, your lookin good.
Thanks. I like to make RPs seem "cinematic".

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Very good RPer. Just wish youd be online to post more often rofl

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