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May 9, 2006
i0n, how about a forum where forum members can rate the games they've played....it could be implemented with the poll system, just giving options of 1-5 (or 1-10) maybe put a sticky up to give some explanation about each rating category as well as encourage users to provide comments with the ratings

it could be one forum, or one for each system (multiple would prolly work better to keep things organized)

i think this would be a good way to see what other people think of games in case someone is thinking of picking a title up

if you want i could compile a list of descriptions for each rating and what-not, or maybe do some preliminary and open it to the forum for discussion before finalization
Ah i see, sounds a little bit confusing though, how about a review section instead?

im just thinking it might look a bit neater with thumbnail images for the game titles and maybe some images of the game in the reviews etc.
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^-- yeah, that'd prolly work better, i'm just used to seeing a numeric value with the reviews which is why i suggested the rating system...

we could do a hybrid, if you can lock the thread starting to moderators.

each thread could be set up so that the first post is used for an average of all the scores (would have to be manually done, but as long as it was updated regularly i don't see much problem with that just date the current average) and the reviews could come in below with each users score in the review

then just have a thread suggestion thread so the mods know which review threads to start...

after reading that again i think the hybrid sounds more complicated than the poll system....whatever method we go with can be tested on the gc and ds games and hopefully we can get all the kinks out before the wii arrives

we could also set up a couple threads in the lounge or somewhere, trying each implementation and let members see which one they like better

maybe someone else has a good idea for an implementation, ultimately its up to you