realistic graphics


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Oct 11, 2006
I love great graphics; however, I don't like these almost photorealistic graphics on the ps3 and xbox360. It just takes the way the feeling of a video game. It makes the gameplay feel more dark and not as fun. That's my opinion on it. I'm sure most people won't agree with me, though.
I wouldn't want it to be so real that i could mistake it for real life but I would enjoy having the special effects on things, like really detailed clothing or swaying of someones clothes, reflections on water, blur, hdr, just really detailed and above all pretty.

imo however, the realism in ps3 and 360 don't feel realistic to me. They all seem fake, like that nba game for ps3. The graphics are sweet, i would really enjoy all those details and stuff but the characters just look like clay figures or something that have been misted with water for sweat and stuff. For me, i've always could tell what was real and what was not maybe because i'm part of this digital generation. So far, for me nothing has gotten so real that i mistake it for real life. But anyways, crysis is getting close.
Heres my chance
I gota old console called Interton Electroninc VC 4000 video computer (whoa long name)
Nice and blocky
When gta comes out with realistic beatings
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Realistic graphics are great, so long as gameplay isn't sacrificed. I can sum this all up with one game, "Gran Turismo HD". The backgrounds look great, but there's nothing there, unless you enjoy taking left turns all day. But people still buy it, god only knows why, when there are games like Excite Truck that take racing and add something new to it. I'm not a racing fan, and yet I've pre-ordered Excite Truck. Figure that one out...
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Players get mucky and the detail on the dirt is amazing
still the same game thow