Red Steel info from Nintendo Power September Edition


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Jul 3, 2006
Today I bought a copy of Nintendo Power and in it I discovered some great information about Red Steel regarding its plot. Since my scanner isn't working, I'll just type up the good part of the article.
You play a young American man engaged to marry Miyu, the daughter of Isao Sato, a powerful yakuza leader. He is an Oyabun, the yakuza equivalent of a mafia godfather, and believes in the deep and solemn traditions of the yakuza. Sato carries a beautiful sword (the Katana-Giri) which is a sign of his great power and leadership, and the respect he commands from within the organization. Recent opportunities have led him to consider legitimizing his business dealings, and he is in the midst of doing so. But many younger Oyabun within the yakuza disagree with his plans-lawful dealings may spare lives, but his adversaires contend they are hardly the fastest way toward prosperity. Torn between the traditions of the past and the need to modernize, the yakuza are at odds as to how they can continue to be influential.
Sato's reach remains extensive, but so does that that of his rivals-while he's dining with Miyu and you at a restraunt in Los Angeles, thugs from a hostile yakuza clan ambush Sato in an attempt to steal his sword. In the skirmish, Sato is fatally wounded and his daughter is kidnapped; with his dying breath, Sato gives you the sword and pleads with you to go to Japan and save his daughter. The man behind the attack is an Oyabun named Tokai. Tokai represents the opposite of Sato: He is ruthless, and sees illegal activity as the only way to gain true power. Tokai seeks to bypass the traditions and restraint of the yakuza to gain his wealth and influence, but know that without a symbol of his greatness, he will not be taken seriously. To prove his ambition and strength, he will stop at nothing to get the ultimate icon of power: the Katana-Giri.
Tokai and Sato are not the only Oyabun in Tokyo, but they are the most influential by far. And now that Sato is out of the picture, Tokai is looking to consolidate his power by maneuvering to control the six other major yakuza clans. The clans are divided among thier professions: the Financial clan for instance, holds sway over the major banks, and the Game Fight clan watches over the legal and not-so-legal entertainment industry. Every clan has its own identity. including distinct dress and weaponry. As you confront each group, you will learn its methods and gain knowledge of the yakuza. You must convince the clans' leaders to unite against Tokai. If you succeed, not only will you have avenged Sato's death and your fiancee's kidnapping but your training and understanding will earn you the status of a modern-day samurai.

As a Westerner in Japn, you'll face many challenges- between the myriad cultural barriers and teh secretive yakuza underworld, you won't exactly be greeted with open arms. Fortuantely, a few friends will help you along the way. Your first contact in Japn is Otori, a martial-arts trainer who was oncce a member of the yakuza. He is also a master of the samurai sword, and in his dojo he will teach you the ways of your new waon. However, he will not join you in battle-he knows your intentions, and his loyalty to his former employers remains strong. You will also meet Harry Tanner, an American nightclub owner in the heart of yakuza territory. Harry has lived in Japan long enough to respect its history, but he believes that when it comes to weapons, the newer the better. He'll instruct you in modern firearms in his private shooting range, and help connect you to the yakuza bosses that frequent his joint. Tanner is himself a victim of Tokai's move to consolidate the yakuza, and the Oyabun trust him as one of their own. Like the yakuza, Red Steel holds many seductive secrets. Follow along in the coming months as we learn much more about the yakuza clans and their deadly ways.
Man my fingers are tired from all that typing. Can't wait for this game and I hope you enjoy this great info as I did.:)
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