Realms--Official RP

Seth sealed off the void as Storm was launched through it. He changed out of his Eternal form and slowly fell to the ground. It's finally over...

Shortly before hitting the ground he flipped and landed on his feet. He turned to all the people gathered. "I am sorry for all the trouble caused. I know that an apology cannot make things right. But you should know, the coming years shall have the greatest peace in history. Storm will never return and Destry shall remain powerless. They can never harm this world again." Seth turned to leave. The void has left me drained. I won't have even half my might for centuries. Thinking of the future, Seth walked away knowing the youth's that saved this world will make sure that the peace stays.
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Oric released his grip and opened his wings to aviod being sucked into the portal aswell. He returned to his human form, falling to his knees. His injuries from his battle with Seth were starting to catch up to him. He watched his former opponent slowly turn and begin to walk off the battlefield, but not before Oric ran forward and thanked him and given his best wishes.

Oric passed though the huge conglamerate of people grouped around Richand, stoping to shake hands and exchange smilies. He found Richand and Siana in a small open space and quickly hugged each of them. Then a profound silence came over the armies, and one by one each men lowered his head and took a knee.

A man decked out in full Drosin uniform stepped forward with a crown, "This was recovered in the ruble at Negliv. You are now our king." Oric placed the silver crown on his head and turned back to Richand. Oric too dropped to one knee and spoke softly, "We owe this victory to you."
Richand looked at Oric and smiled.
"Standup, my friend. I could not have done this without everyone. All of you fought your hardest so that peace would return at last. It was that bravery that allowed me to awaken to my true power."
Speaking of which...
The Constellation elemental spoke clearly in Ricdhand's mind.
The Constellation elemental seemed to vanish from Richand's mind. He looked down at his still glowing sword.
"No one should ever have this power for too long... it is too great. The consequences could be... disasterous."
Richand placed his hands out and transformed back into his normal state. Concentrating very hard, four orbs of energy appeared an took shape into the four orbs, now reborn. With a final wave of his hand, the orbs seperated and shot across the land to places unknown to even Richand. Now the orbs wouldn't be as easy to gather and harness.
Seth noticed an Orb fly overhead. So he has chosen to give up his strength. He truly is a great warrior. Now I'm leaving before a crowd forms around me. I hate publicity. Seth continued on heading north. Some time in the mountains would be an excellent way for him to prepare for the next time he would be needed.

Seth, you have done well.
Hmmm? Oh Master. I know I did what was best for the balance but I still feel terrible for betraying a friend.
That is normal Seth. However you knew of this before becoming his friend. your misery is of your own making.
Which is why I plan on secluding myself. So that when you next call on me, I won't have any personal ties to the world.
That is a foolish decision Seth, but we Eternals shall not stop you. Consult then plan to know what we ask of you. We shall not bother you for a long time.
Thank you for everything Master.

Seth took one final look back. The heroes were laughing and enjoying themselves now that the dreaded Storm was defeated. Seth smiled though he had no real joy in it. He had betrayed his only remaining friend. He would be troubled by that fact for decades. Seclusion will be fine. I have no need for this. With that thought, Seth vanished into thin air. He would return if he was ever needed.

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Drake watched as the void opened....... as the last of his power left him....... as the vampire blood went thought his veins.
He looked at Mark, Oric, Richand and Sina. He used all his strength and raised his hand and gave them a thumbs up.
"Latters" Said Drake as he was sucked up into the void. One finaly rune apeared on the back of his neck and he was gone.

There was only pain. But in the pain. There was truth. And in that there was bliss.

"DRAAAAAKKKEEEEE" Screamed Mark as he was sucked in.
"DHAM IT YOU SON OF A *****." Mark was started swearing his anger exploding.
"he knew right for the beging that this was the only way...... wait."

"Are you still going with the orignaly plan."
"Did you solve the problem."

Mark then smiled and walked away. Heading towards where haven had once been. He knew most of them would be alright, they were surviors after all. He turned to Richand, nodded and walked away.

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