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Character Name: Tristan Dynas
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Alliance: Player
Appearance: Tristan is 5' 9", with untidy, light brown hair and storm gray eyes, although he remembers them as being green. He wears a simple blue hooded sweatshirt with the hood down and has black jeans with sneakers. He always wears a digital watch on his right arm, though it often malfunctions and displays symbols instead of numbers. He is fairly athletic and strong for his age and is relatively agile.
Personality: Tristan always looks out for others and continually tries to make friends. He's outgoing and a bit of a troublemaker, but when the going gets tough, he doesn't back down. He has a strong sense of justice and will often jump into a fight when he sees someone being bullied or oppressed, which often gets him into trouble.
Bio: Unlike most of the other players, Tristan lived a relatively ordinary life. He went to school, had friends, and lived in a middle-class family. However, there is one very strange problem with Tristan: He can't remember how he died. The last thing he remembers is getting up to go to school, like any other day. The next thing he knew, he was here at the Reaper's Game. He feels he might have a purpose here, but he's not sure what it is yet. Nothing was ever even taken from him-- Despite not knowing why he died, he is sure that the Reaper's didn't take that from him. His only choice is to play the game and try to learn the truth.
Medium abilities: Tristan's medium is his watch. When activated, a long scythe with electrical properties extends from the watch that Tristan uses as his weapon. Since the scythe is attached to the watch, Tristan can turn the scythe like a minute hand to alter time for brief periods.
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Brillant your excepted, now get posting every one. Oh and im a bit weary on the time powers, you must be very carfull. I mean very.
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Name: Wind

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (thought to have died around 30)

Alliance: Reaper

Apperance: 6ft 0, slim and lanky. Blueish grey eyes, that most girls would gaze into, in wonder. Black hair that runs to his shoulders, that is the same length all around. He is said to be pleasant to look at. Wears a fedora, and a full suit. His suit is full black, and his coat is a tailcoat. He wears a silver chain necklace with a small onyx pendent. He also has a tattoo of a treble clef on his left wrist. He is much stronger than he appears to be. Fairly light skinned. Gives off an aura of death.

Bio: "Wind" was what they called me. I was abandoned by my parents at the age of 3. An orphanage cared for me untill I got to high school. I had always scored perfectly on all my tests, as knowledge just came to me. But my true talent was for music. I learned how to read music, before I could talk. Everyday as I lay alone in the orphanage, Id practice, and write music. I played violin, untill 7th grade, when I started learning & mastering all insturments. It was also 7th grade when I started turning towards darkness, and "witch craft."

As soon as I was in 8th grade, the orphanage found out about my religion and practices. Thats when they kicked me out. I lived In an abandoned castle, which most people feared due to paranormal phenomena. I then composed my music there, after everyday of highschool.

After I graduated, many thought of me as the conductor of ghosts. I claimed myself to be the conductor of "wind". After 20 years of composing my master piece, I had asembled an orchestra of "ghosts" (Id think of it as the wind.) It was the moment that it was played... the moment I conducted to the count of "4 and." that was when I was drug suddenly to an abis of darkness, never to hear my masterpiece; my lifes work. I woke up some time later, to find my father looking into my distorted soul. He blamed everything that had happened to me, on the humans. He said "...They took you away from me... Ive sent you here to seek your revenge."

He then gave me 2 options.
1. "Spend eternity in hell with me, and never compose agian. or
2. Do my dirty work. Become a reaper, and do what you want, but make the humans suffer."

I decited to talk to the composer of the reapers, and became one. I am now, a fairly respected reaper, with high ranks, but I am mainly an entertainment purpose among the reapers. I am cursed to kill, so I do do field work, and make the players suffer. Not very much is known about me, to the other reapers. And I am rarely seen, but when I am, its usually someones death, or when Im conducting a symphony of "Wind".

...Yet I still dont understand, or even know my father... but thouse were his last wishes... his Lastwords.

Medium ability: Winds medium ability is a baton, aka conductors stick. It is called "The baton of wind." He uses it to make wind & music. He has the power to play anything, using the "wind" and his baton. His compositions are played to do various tasks. Such as, controll the wind, make it rain, create fire, and even summon Ghosts (but to him "The wind"( and to others "noise)). His compositions act almost as a type of spell.
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very unique character. just you don't need to refer to yourself in the first person in your bio.

i've been having connection issues. i'm still in just i may not be on as much
It only made sense In 1st person. I edited the mistakes. What is it you dont understand? ask away. :D
Of course, when your speaking, you can use first person. Nice characters boys. Ill have my post in the RP finished in a few.

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