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Jan 25, 2009
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Okay so I got the idea to do an RP different from the other RPs on these forums. The idea is to do something more realistic yet more action-y than all the video game/anime type RPs here. A little bit Uncharted, Indiana Jones, Bourne, Rambo, National Treasure, 007, etc.

The story takes place in the real world so you'll see real places like the United States, South America, the U.K., etc.

Word of the "find of the century" was sent to one man and news quickly spreds to those in the underground buisness of finding valuables around the world aka treasure hunters. But not all treasure hunters are created equal, some can be classified as... well, pirates. The modern kind of coarse, so no "yo-ho matie." stuff please.

Here is the stories main groups. Lets try to get somone in each group if you please

The Black Bloods- A very large group of criminals that are modern day pirates. They orginated in South America and have spread to Central America. Their members consist from Brazilian to Mexican to Jamaican and more like Cuban and Porta Rican. They have a lot of men, a lot of guns, but most of them aren't too smart since they spent most of their lives rotting in prisons. Of coarse they have to have a smart, crude, down right evil pirate leader. This spot is up for grabs guys.

The Investors- A large crime syndicate originating in the U.K. by a very smart, very rich man (up for grabs aswell). They deal in crimes all over the world. From drugs to weapons, from hired hits to human trafficing. They make a large profit from the Black Market. Though they don't have as many men as the Black Bloods they make up in quality. They have access to top-notch weaponry and enough money to buy plenty. Also most of their men are highly trained in combat, some were even discovered to be ex-marines and such. If you're in their way, they'll remove you quickly.

Individual treasure hunters and thrill seekers- Not much to be said here. Small groups consisting of just a few, like 3 or 4, people.

So here is an example of the sign-ups for this RP. this will also be my actual sign-up :D

Name: Brandon Bodine
Race: White/Caucasian
Group: Individual treasure hunter
Weapon of Choice: He's most comfortable with handguns but will use anything to defend himself with. He's fairly good at hand-to-hand combat for someone with no specific training. He just uses his experience from fights he has gotten into in the past.
Appearance: Some what muscular build. Not the tallest person ever coming up to 5'9. He has short black hair with his bangs somewhat spiked (which starts to lay back down after sweating a lot or swimming). He has green eyes and usually has a five o'clock shadow.
Biography: Like his grandfather before him, he is a treasure hunter. He loves the thought of adventure and fame. With the help of his fairly wealthy friend Hector Night (name subject to change) he goes adventuring for such. This has led him to plenty of trouble in the past, like being in prisons all around the world and several run-ins with the Black Bloods. Infact him and the Black Bloods cut-throat leader have spoke on several occasions, forming somewhat of a bitter rivalry and hatred towards each other. Usually their conversations start off sounding like two old friends talking to each other for the first time in a while, but thats their way of saying, "I hate your guts."
His attitude is somewhat comedic which has earned him the title of smart-ass. Even in the most dire situation he will cock an eyebrow, smirk and give off some smart-elick remark which, depending on who he's talking to, can get him in more trouble than he's already in.

As of now 2 characters are allowed per person.
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Here it is

Name: Boris "The Bear" Ugoslav

Race: Russian/ Eastern Ukraine

Group: Leader of The Tiran (aka The Investors)

Weapon of Choice: Boris is an expert fencer, and, being enlisted in the Russian army for many years, he is an expert Marksman, preffering to kill his opponents with direct hits to the oxipedal lobe. He prefers to use a handgun which he modified himself, utilizing his immense wealth, this customized handgun can fire five bullets at a touch of its hair trigger. His Rapier, which he uses mainly for torture and fancies the elegant styling, is a brutal weapon in his hands.

Appearance: Boris is, being Russian, very tall. He towers over most of his company standing at 6' 6". Being in the army, Boris is a very muscular man as well. He wears a Black Armani suit made of quilted leather and Iron, obviously for protection reasons. The metal has been lightened however, and hs been modified into a sort of Mesh-Steel compound that can withstand the toughest blows without shuddering, even those from guns. He has a scar from a rapier battle that stretches from the top of his forehead down through his right eye and towards the bottom of his chin. The wound is an inch and a half wide. Due to the wound, he also has a clear glass eye.

Biography: Boris, his alias codename being "The Bear" which derived from his brutal tactics in his army days, is a financial genius. He was born in Zagrev Croatia, a subsidiary of Russia. Among the people whom traffic money, he is the Top Dog. Their are none beneath him. He is the leader of the Tiran, a criminal syndicate that traffics people and involves nearly every aspct of the Black Market into its trades. He himself has an Elite Group of body guards called "The Mishino Pikas", meaning "Defenders of Night."
Noone rebels against him, being the Top Leader of the Tiran, he has enough connections to tell if someone whispers something against him, and then has them dealt with. He has as of late been acquiring a growing interest in Ancient Artifacts, and therefore has made deals with the notorious Leader of the Pirating Gang, The Black Bloods. Utilizing these people much like a marionette utilizes his puppets, he controls all of their actions. The Bloods do gain some profit from this, with The Bear taking a 30% cut on anything they obtain of his interest. Boris resides in Northern Russia, banked by the trecherous Bengal Straight, and he controls much of the Railroad industry there. Nearly every corner of Russia and the other European countries have their hands soaked with Boris's influence, making him the most powerful man in the world.

Personality: Boris is a rough man, very stearn and very mean to those he is not familiar with. When he does not know you, on rare occassion, he has been known to send people to his torture chamber in Siberia, Russia known as "The Gauntlet". It is an immense underground Labyrinth that contains al manners of torture devices; and their is no escape. This has given Boris a reputation as a man not to be tampered with. When around him, it is best to watch what you say if youd like to keep your manhood.

Ooc: Edited some, most likely the final time. Reposting for the reason of added information to the appearance and weapons sections.
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I'm in, give me a little to make a sign up.
Well well well, lbu8. Here we go again eh? :lol: Good to see you onboard. :thumbsup:
Yes! gigs got the goods! PS @ Gigs: Make sure you post somee in Realms tonight. Cant wait to read your SU.
haha yeah, I hope I'm not getting in over my head, but this was just too cool to pass up.

Here we go: Any thoughts?

Name: Ryan Cole
Race: White/Caucasian
Group: Individual treasure hunter

Weapon of Choice: Being an ex-navy seal, he is an expert in hand to hand combat and various forms of martial arts. His military background also means he is a crack shot with most guns and has been trained to kill with just about anything on hand.

Appearance: Ryan stands at a shade over 6 foot, and weights roughly 215 pounds. His long arms are very muscular along with the rest of his body, and is in excellent physical shape. He has shaggy, sandy blood hair that is usually unkept and a bit dirty looking and striking blue eyes. He has a handsome face that is rarely clean shaven along with an infectious smile. His outfit of choice is a pair of board shorts and sandals, showing off his toned upper body.

Biography: Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Ryan grew up around water. His father owed a small fleet of shrimping boats, and his mother sold hand made jewelry from home. At the age of 15 he attended his first year of high school at a prep school known for their swimming teams. Ryan won state championships his junior and senior years, and was offered a full ride to Princeton University. However, being a trill seeker and growing tired of the up-tight schooling atmosphere, he turned down the offer to join the Navy SEALS and serve his country. He left the Navy after 5 years and bought a small boat. He grew to enjoy his new life at sea and moved to the Caribbean. He held a few odd jobs over the next year, being titled a beach bum before being contacted by a buddy of his from the service. Ryan’s friend had joined up with a group called the Investors and had been hired to take out a “client” in the Keys. Attracted by the huge paycheck Ryan jumped at the offer and took part in the hit. That was when he discovered how much money could be made in the business. He worked his way up the ladder of the Investors top assets, traveling the world. On a few occasions he met with “The Bear” himself and formed a loose friendship with the big man. Then with enough money to live off of Ryan retired from the business and took up exploring, treasure hunting as some call it as a hobby.

Personality: Ryan is a very charismatic individual. He is also a great communicator and is able to win most people over with his charm and grace. Although some see him as lazy, he is actually hard working and determined when he has something worth working for. He is mostly good hearted and laid back, but because of his training, the moral wrongs of killing have almost entirely left his mind.
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Very VERY good SU guys. I can tell this will be great.
Excellent SU lbu8. Truly fantastic. So it is know, I shall be adding to my SU during the rest of the SU's, this being because my character has so many connections.
Name: Riki Soxion
Race: Asian/Japanese
Group: Individual

Appearence: Riki is 6'3" weighing 175 pounds. He has black messy hair that he keeps kinda short. He has black eyes and a scar on his left cheek from where a bullet grazed it. He has his ears peirced with small diamond studs. He's built pretty well, there's muscle destinction but room for improvement.

Biography: Riki is 29 years old and was born in Tokyo, Japan on March 11. His parents named him Riki, which is Japanese for strength, hoping he would be strong and have a bright future. At the age of 6 he began martial arts training along with his schoolwork. He graduated high school at 19 and was a black belt in ten different martial arts styles. He went through college, majoring in multiple computer courses. He always loved treasure stories and movies, hoping to be a modern hunter himself. When he did his first treasure hunt he made a profit of $640,000, which made him love the buisness. He started a private group of himself and a few childhood friends. He now takes up multiple contracts of varying objectives all around the world. Since the news of the 'findings' he's completed hundreds of missions.

Weapons: Riki mainly uses a strong and accruate assault rifle. He keeps a handgun incase he ever finds his rifle unfit for the job. Across his back his a sniper rifle with armor peircing bullets, for the tough jobs. And despite its primitive use, he carries a samurai sword across his back as well, being well versed in its fighting styles. He's highly accurate and deadly.

Personality: Riki loves money. He's never said no to a high paying job unless another paid higher. He finds killing to be fun and if nobody died one a mission he calls it a failure. He believes laws hold back progress and hopes that all goverments eventually topple. In his spare time he plays games and watches random stuff on TV. If it doesn't go boom though, then its not worth it.
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Interesting SU Shadow.... this looks to be fun, everyone is making great SU's.
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Good sign-up Shad. :thumbsup:
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Yep. If Nights doesn't join I'll need someone to fill the spot I reserved for him.