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never liked horror movies.

yet sometimes i make character ideas born straight from them.
go to you tube and type in dawn of war 2.Look for an at least 7:00 minute video of something called tyranids or something like that.
It bugs me that, in the remake of the only Friday the 13th movie that didn't have Jason as the killer (it was his mom, Mrs. Voorhees) they took her out and replaced her with Jason. I'd like to see how they fix THAT.

Also, I'm a huge fan of both Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. I played Lizardmen, Tyrannids, and Chaos Space Marines back in the day.
id like to see that too. and guys, make sure you read my last Ooc: at the official Realms.
i only play warhammer 40k. I use tyranids and my next race might be either tau or chaos.
time to revive this thread.
I say, instead of spamming up the official thread with off topic stuff, just discuss it here, much ike those who are doing it with the alternate plot (Shadow Gigs and myself)

So.....Anyone else have some good quotes?
Name: Jackie Li

Country: Destry Dynasty

Alliance: Good/Neutral

Appearance: Jackie has black hair thats somewhat poofy and bangs that hang to his brow. He has brown, slightly squinted eyes and a strong yet narrow face. He wears the Royal Black Gaurdian Garb of his late father, Chan Li.

Bio: Jackies' father, Chan Li, served as one of the Four Tiger Gaurdians of Emporer Wo-Dang of the country of the Chin-yu Dynasty. After the great war between the Chin-yu Dynasty and the United Soviet Socialist of Destry (U.S.S.D.) ended, the powerful Chin-yu Dynasty fell and was overtaken by Destry, thus becoming the Destry Dynasty. In the war, Chan Li was killed by the Communist ruler of Destry himself. Now that Jackie is of age he seeks after Wo-Dang, the old Emporer rumored to still be alive, and bring him back to the throne to seperate Chin-yu from Destry. And, Jackie must also avenge his fathers death by killing the man who took his fathers life.

Abilities: His skills in the martial arts is surpassed by no-one. His techniques were taught to him by his late father and ranges from Lotus to Tiger, from Crane to Dragon.
I had such a good character. Too bad. :(
He was decent. But he wouldnt have killed Storm. It just didnt end up that way.

Whyd you quit anyway?
College got in the way. But now I'm out till September so I can concentrate on Seekers... partially. Lady would kill me if I spent more time on Seekers than her.
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after either Seekers or 2nd Chance ends. this will give me a few months to prepare as well as give everybody ideas for characters. oh, and any character that was alive after Realms 1 can be reused. but they still need a new sign-up
i need a new one.I think im going to make the chaos gods send someone else out of the underworld to take nurgles place but he is goign to be evil up the butt.I like to base a lot of ideas off of warhammer.