Realms 2 sign-up/ooc thread

Ok, so far its Shadows=4 Heroes=0

@ Burr: Well... As you see, I just killed my own baby. lol. Do whatever you wanna do. I killed my son because I had a third child and I deemed him as "expendable".

:0 I read it like that. But I see. I do see indeed.

Another way to force a retreat onto the heroes (other than being overpowered by the Shadows); two or three important people to the heroes could get wounded + kidnapped (always two delightful words to combo together) by the Shadows, and the Shadows agree to do them no harm and heal them too if the heroes forfeit control of the city. Also offers up the opps for extensive ransom speeches and confusing shennanigary.

I really have no idea how to transport that many characters out of such a situation without killing/separating large groups of them. *shrug*

@Giga: I have no idea if I'll make another character, it entirely depends on how my boat is floating and if I too desire to kill one of my children. Which I might. I very well might.
lol. The drama is heating up! lol.

@ Gigs: Thnx. I figured hes a cool character, and his longevity and sever dedication would make him a good lamb to chop, so to speak. lol.

@ Everyone: I do agree that the main characters shouldnt go yet. I think enough "Death" has been shed, but idt a ransom should go on. Perhaps the Shadows just pulverize and wound the heroes so badly, they have no choice but to retreat. And in that retreat, the groups that had been seperate before (Nights group and Orics group) will come together and can then formulate a new strategy to attack the Shadows together at a different time.

Of course, this all depends on how Shadow decidees to destroy everything... err... i mean... end the battle. lol. we'll see what happens, but personally, i think the heroes should be wounded badly and have a forced retreat, but that the Shadows let them go and allow them to regroup. POerhaps with Vent giving some magnanimous speech about how pitiful and uncoordinated their forces were and maybe give them an ultimatum of time before they attack again. Say, 5 days of peace in order to give the heroes time to make themselves a worthy adversary for the Shadows?

Again, im just spitballin and brainstorming here. Comments/questions/ideas are appreciated.
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alright since its pretty much been decided that we're going with Shadows win, i'll tell you how it's going to happen.
Vent is going to use his power to blast everybody not allied with him out of the city. they won't be harmed just shoved out. Vent'll be severely drained afterwards from using so much power. that'll be why the Shadows won't do much for a little other then celebrate thier victory while the generals(AKA Vent) plans thier next move.

also to clarify the possible 'why aren't the Shadows affected by Vent's power' question that i'm sure will be asked: i'm going to say every Shadow member has an invisible mark placed on them at one time or another by Vent that makes them immune to his power's effect.

@CG: since that is how i'm doing it and you're just now joining the Shadows(meaning you won't have the mark) i'll have Vibro protect you from it.

any questions? and if there are none then i'm gonna do it after Giga posts.