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Jan 25, 2009
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The first WMBQ role play in nearly a year... hope you enjoy.

Saviors of the Ultimatum


5,000 years ago, the Supreme Deity Nintendo came into existence out of pure will. He, in turn, created the universe, which He named after Himself. There were many worlds in this universe, but none of them intersected with any others. They were, in His mind, perfect. He watched the Mushroom Kingdom, Dreamland, Hyrule, and all of the other worlds with happiness as their inhabitants led healthy, prosperous lives with no conflict.

However, this period of innocence was not eternal. After 4,000 years, evil and corruption had become a regular part of society. Demons such as Bowser, Ridley, Ganondorf, and Tabuu came and went, leaving violence, death, and sadness in their wakes. Heroes fought hard and died, but even they couldn’t stop evil itself.

Supreme Deity Nintendo grew sad with His universe, and so he considered destroying it so he could start anew and prevent evil from coming into existence. However, he kept the innocent inhabitants of the worlds in mind, so he decided to create a new world called Forao (pronounced FOR-ow, as in cow, not glow) which he filled with magic, strange monsters, and even some basic technology. He told himself that if this world could stay innocent, then he would let the rest of the universe remain. He simply called this private deal The Ultimatum.

200 years of innocence passed in Forao, but even that was interrupted by a sorcerer named Cateraun who had acquired so much magical power that he went insane. After taking political power by force, he started a reign of terror, killing off all threats to his near omnipotence along with myriads of innocents, and kidnapping and sometimes killing princesses of the land to disrupt what remained of the politics that weren’t controlled by him as well as for classified other reasons.

A group of elite sorcerers that called themselves the Sages had predicted The Ultimatum years before Cateraun’s rise to power, and they feared not only for their own land but also for the entire universe. They scrambled to create a portal with which they could summon heroes and warriors from the other worlds of Nintendo, but in their haste, they also opened up links to other universes, such as Sony. They considered this link a stroke of luck, so they went far into Nintendo and other universes in order to find all of the greatest contemporary heroes anywhere.


You have been summoned by the Sages as one of the heroes to stop Cateraun before it’s too late and the universe is destroyed! You’ll have to work with heroes from other worlds that have just as much glory as you do, so you won’t be as big of a deal as you were back home. Regardless, you’ve got a job to do, so good luck! All that is Nintendo depends upon your success!

You have found the portal and entered the world of Forao. A sorcerer named Cateraun seems to have power, and he promises power in his new government in exchange for your undying loyalty… for an evil mastermind like yourself, any power is good power, so why not take it while it’s offered to you? Maybe you can kill Cateraun and take his entire kingdom for yourself once you’ve earned his complete trust…



Unexpectedly, you find yourself taken from your home world and sent into Forao. After an initial period of confusion, you have been briefed by the Sages and are prepared, even if nervous and disgruntled (you had no idea that other worlds besides your own existed!), to head out into the field and put a stop to Cateraun. Your story starts after everything has been explained to you.

You have slyly made your way through the portal from your world to Forao. After interrogating some innocents, you have quickly found out that Cateraun is in power. You find him and he quickly makes a deal with you, which you accept… an important part on your end being that you are required to destroy any threats to his authority.


Okay, for one, please play as a video game character that everyone will be familiar with. No one wants to deal with some obscure character from a third-party standalone game that failed critically and commercially… it’s just not cool. Be someone that at least two other people are familiar with.

You also have the option to role play as Cauteraun. The first satisfactory sign-up or reserve will be accepted, but reservations will only last 24 hours.

You may have up to two characters. This may rise or fall depending upon how many people join the role play.
NAME: The name of your character. Remember, video game characters only.
GAME: From what game/franchise or "world" does your character originate from?
AGE: If you don’t know the age of your character, give me an estimate.
PICTURE: Please post a picture, but hide it in a spoiler so it doesn’t make the page take a long time to load.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 1-3 paragraphs describing the picture.
PERSONALITY: 1-3 paragraphs on your character’s personality. If they don’t speak, like Link or the main character in Pokemon, invent a personality for them.
HISTORY: 3-5 paragraphs on your character’s personal history and how it has formed who he or she is.
TRAITS: What makes your character special? Are they a good leader? Are they courageous? Are they determined? Or do they possess some physical advantage like an enchanted weapon or a big gun? Not much is needed here; just a line or two will suffice.


The following characters are important residents of Forao that will have significant roles in the story. They are free to be bunnied by anyone, as they are different from the characters that you have been designated to role play as.

-Aroen the Great Sage: Leader of the Sages

Yeah he’s the only one so far. I haven’t evolved the plot beyond what you’ve already read, so new characters may be added to the list, but so far, he’s the only one. I’ll likely write his sign-up later, but if someone else beats me to it and writes a good sign up for him, great! Less work for me! But a sign-up for him will be up within three days no matter what. Until then, he cannot be role played as.


1) No godmodding. Even if you’re Cateraun, I expect you to limit his extreme power.
2) No bunnying. Bunnying means that you take control of another person’s character. Even if you’re fighting them, you mustn’t declare their reaction.
3) Post length is limited to 3 lines in the default WiiChat skin, but try to make it longer than that if you can. Spelling and syntax checks are required.
4) Don’t make every post insanely long… those can be a pain to read and often discourage other members from posting. One every now and then is fine, but don’t make it a regular thing.
5) Keep the role playing thread to strictly role playing. All discussion goes in this thread.
6) Don’t quote other posts in the role playing thread. It makes the page take longer to load.
7) If two people post at the same time and their posts have different outcomes of the same event, please decide which post is to be canon in the discussion thread.
8) You must read through this entire post to sign up. To prove that you have, just let me know in your sign up somewhere. Just make it subtle...

ACCEPTED ROLE PLAYERS (Now out of date: check role play thread for actual list)

WMBQ as Link from the Legend of Zelda
sorabrawl as Sora from Kingdom Hearts
Blair D. as Mario from Super Mario Bros.
Espmaster_ as Sly Cooper from various Sly Cooper games
Nozomi as Eclair Farron from Final Fantasy
Shadow*91 as Prince Laharl from Disgaea
Shadow*91 as Ichigo Kurasaki from Bleach
DG~X as Jin Kazama from Tekken
GigaRidley as Marth from Fire Emblem
spyro king as Spyro from Spyro... haha

WMBQ as Cateraun from Saviors of the Ultimatum
The Storm as Ganondorf Dragmire from the Legend of Zelda
The Storm as Gruntilda Winkybunion from Banjo Kazooie
Bowserizer as Grodus from Paper Mario
GigaRidley as Ridley from Metroid




The Storm as Gruntilda from Banjo Kazooie
spyro king as Metal Sonic from Sonic the Hedghog

Reservations last 24 hours.

Did I forget anything?
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Yes, the return of WMBQ and sorabrawl, lol!!! I am going to do Sora again, haha.


NAME: Sora
GAME: Kingdom Hearts, Destiny Islands, Square-Enix
AGE: 15
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: He is quite short for his age. He has black baggy shorts and jacket. His hazel brown hair is spiked up in a weird fashion
PERSONALITY: He has a strong sense of justice. He does not like anyone getting hurt and he does not want anyone to be left behind. He gives all his trust to his friends. Likes to think positive.
HISTORY: Sora, is a boy from a small world called Destiny Islands. It is a small world and being trapped on this insignificant island annoyed him. He wanted to escape out of his prison and explore the stars. Soon enough though, creatures called Heartless attacked his world. They are beasts from the darkness. They like to take over worlds and make them disappear by taking over the world's core called the Keyhole. As the chaos ensued, he was chosen by a weapon called the keyblade. His task is to rid the worlds of the heartless and also beings called the nobodies and stop imbalances between the darkness and light. This is Sora's task when the sages at Nintendo ask for help. Now he has to help, alone.
TRAITS: Sora is a courageous, yet reckless hero, who can cause trouble within the group. For example, whenever they have to leave and there's someone behind, he'd go to help the person left behind. He is also a person of justice. He does not want to see anyone suffer. He is determined to help his friends and stop anyone from harming them. His weapon, the keyblade can do many things. Firstly, it can seal doors called the keyholes and stop darkness from seeping into the world's core, which, if not stopped, would make the world disappear into nothingness. Secondly, if his keyblade is dropped in a battle, he could summon it back to his right hand. He also knows many curing spells and aggressive spells such as casting fire or thunder. He can be a leader if he is put upto the task but usually nobody takes him seriously because of his small height and shape.


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He said to put it in a spoiler dude.

I'll play as Mario.

Character: Mario
Game: Donkey Kong, Mushroom Kingdom, Nintendo.
Age: 30 (guessing)
Physical Description: Mario has his red shirt, with a red hat with a M on it. He has blue overalls. He has white gloves for hands, and brown shoes. A moustache, and a large nose.

Personality: Mario is a kind fellow, who goes around in Mushroom Kingdom, jumping around, defeating villians, and saving the Princess, whenever she is captured by the villian Bowser.
History: Mario was once a character in a game called Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong was the game Mario first showed up. In Japan, he was called Jumpman. Mario has been jumping in the Mushroom Kingdom around since 1980. Mario was created by Nintendo. When NOA (Nintendo of America) wanted to have an American release of Donkey Kong, they needed a new name for Jumpman. By the time they were thinking, NOA's landlord, Mario Segale, arrived at the warehouse, demanding their payment. Then, NOA came up with Mario.

Traits: Mario helps all good people in need. He is a leader, and has been loved by many people for many years.

Is this good?
would it be alright if i use an anime character? the anime has had a few games, plus i'm sure people will recognize him.
Awesome. I don't remember reading anywhere that you needed to send the Sign-Up in a PM, so I guess I'll just do this:

NAME: Sly Cooper

GAME: Sly Cooper (First starred in Sly Cooper and the Thevius Racoonus, and got two sequels)

AGE: I'm estimating about 20.


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Sly Cooper has blue shoes, and mostly grey fur besides a few black-ish stripes on his tail and his natural raccoon 'mask'. A small red pouch is strapped around his right leg. His shirt is blue with a golden-yellow-ish collar, and his belt is the same color. His belt has a little grey "Cooper mark". His gloves and hat, like his shirt, are blue, and the straps at the end of his gloves are the same color as his collar. Sly usually carries around a fair sized golden cane.

PERSONALITY: Sly likes to steal things, as it is his blood and nature. He is not evil though... He finds it much more satisfying to steal from master criminals than innocent people. "When you rip off a master criminal, you know your a master thief." He still does, however, rob museums. He has always had a crush on a cop who chases him named Carmelita Fox.

HISTORY: When Sly Cooper was young, he always wanted to become a master thief like his father and other ancestors. One night, an evil gang broke into his house and stole his family's book, the Thievish Raccoonus, also killing his father (and probably his mother too). They each tore a section out of the book and fled to different parts of the world. Sly was dumped at an orphanage. He became friends with Bentley the Turtle and Murray the Hippo.
When they grew up, Sly and his friends tracked down each of the gang, or the Fiendish Five, and got the Thievish Raccoonus whole again. Sly read the whole book filled with his ancestor’s thief moves and became a master thief.

TRAITS: He is capable of being extremely sneaky, having all sorts athletic abilities like being able to sharply stand on sharp points and being able to sneak along ledges with near to no problem. He can also crawl under narrow spaces, walk across extremely thin cross ropes, glide with his Paraglider and take pictures with his Binocucom.
He can also walk across lasers, as revealed in Sly 3.
I'll try my best to do better this time.
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would it be alright if i use an anime character? the anime has had a few games, plus i'm sure people will recognize him.
I'm sorry but this roleplay should stay to video game characters only.
as i said, the series has games. so if i wanted to be douche about it i could just post my character and use one of the games as his origin. but i'd rather be nice and ask permission first.
Éclair Farron (Ekurēru Faron) |Lightning|

Final Fantasy XIII​



Lightning has long pink-brown hair and is 177 cm tall (5'10"). She is athletic and strong and she weilds a weapon called Blaze Edge which is a combination of a gun and a sword. She has very defined facial features and has greenish blue eyes.​

She isn't very feminine in her attitude. She's kind of thoughtful at some times and she has a slightly quick temper. She is a bit impatiant at times. She is a very skilled swordsman and ninja which makes her a valuable ally or a dangerous enemy. She knows how to take in her surroundings before she acts on things and she has no problems letting people know what's on her mind. Through all of this she is quite a deep thinker.​

Lightning grew up until age 12 with her parents and her younger sister, Serah, in a Square Enix City called Cocoon, a technologically advanced city-state ruled by a militarist theocracy. She was originally named Éclair Farron but after the untimely death of her parents as an attempt to emotionally reinforce herself as well as to protect herself and her sister. After the death of her parents, she tried to start a new life for herself and to forget the past. She did this by joining the army of Cocoon. She was a soldier in the military for a a few years before she found that she didn't agree with the way the corrupt government was running Cocoon. She left the Army even though she still wears her uniform and the insignia which desplays her rank. she’s a key player in an organization seeking to overthrow Cocoon’s oppressive government.
Recently, she started having bizarre dreams that she couldn't make sense of all focussed on beings who would come to her and show her visions of opression much like the Cocoon government was pressing apon her own people. She saw flashes of a face that she couldn't put a name to and of destructive power that the owner of the face was capable of. She would be asked for help over and over again but she always woke up before she could give them an answer. She knew that someone was trying to contact her for help so she went out into a woodland area outside of Cocoon and she attempted to contact the beings from her dreams through meditation (which isn't her favorite thing to do in the world but she can do it). And the next thing she knew, she was pulled into an entirely new war against a sorcerer named Cateraun who threatens the peace of all of the worlds including her own. She agreed to help under the condition that after the war was over she could return home at the same time she left. Now she fights along with strangers to defeat Cateraun.

Lightning defends herself with a gun/sword hybrid that lets her attack at any reasonable range named Blaze Edge. She has a number of other gadgets on hand that prove useful in a fight, too, including a gravity-manipulation device that lets her leap great distances, hang in mid-air, and otherwise ignore the ordinary constraints of a world where up is up and down is down.

Sorabrawl invited me to this forum and asked me to join this RP. So here I am. I'm working on a character No. II. Let me know if you need something changed.​
lol I'm stalking your a** Shadow!!!! :p

haha just kidding. Sorabrawl asked me to join this forum so I did. This is off subject though. We should probably save a conversation like this for VM and off of the RP thread. Yes?