Super Smash Bros. The Alternate Story


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Nov 8, 2007
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Super Smash Bros. The Alternate Story

Quote from WMBQ

This is a role playing thread, and it's designed to be very in-depth. What I'm trying to do here is to have many people collaborate to make a story together. Each member chooses a character, then sticks with that character. Using the motives of your chosen character, we make a plot up as we go along. You can choose to make your character good or evil, but if you make your character evil, don't make them Link or Mario or anyone else who is designed to be good in their own game.
You can use characters from Brawl, characters from Melee that didn't make it to Brawl, characters you hoped would make it to Super Smash Bros but didn't, or made up characters. If you make up a character, please describe them fully and provide a picture. (It can be a drawing, a sprite, etc, as long as I understand what it looks like from the picture)


It has been two years since the fall of Tabuu, an evil being of the darkness but that unfortunately that was not the end of the world's misery. A guild, not so long ago has been formed by a villainous master, whom is not known. This guild over the past few months have devastated towns and cities and have turned their heroes into dark beings of themselves known as the Shadow Plasmids such as Ash, the hero of Kanto. They seem to be adding their armies every day for a world conquest incomprehensible in size. Heroes from across the worlds have been sent from all over like Sonic and Snake to help Smash World who stopped the tyranny of Tabuu. How can it be stopped? That is up to you to decide.


Now I'm going to copy WMBQ's original rules for the Alternate Plot because they were absolutely perfect. His work on this got me into role playing so its pretty darn great.

I edited some of it because I like some of my work on there. Sorry WMBQ but I can't outdo your rules for this.

-No god-modding. This means you can't overpower your character with unfair advantages.
As soon as he saw Bowser jump out from behind the bushes, Fox saw a smash ball appear. He ran up to it, shattered it, and took out the indestructible Landmaster. "No way you can survive this," he said to Bowser grimly.

-No bunnying. This means you can't take control of other people's characters, and you can't say what happens to them. (Be it in a battle or not)

Example #1:
Fox asked Meta Knight if they should set up camp for the night and he agreed.
Example #2:
Bowser fired the Trophy Cannon at Fox and it hit him in the face and he (Fox) turned into a trophy.

-No chatspeak. Pretty self explanatory.
Fox pwned Mewtwo

-Try to keep your posts good and lengthy. It doesn't leave people with much material to build off of. Obviously, if you're in a conversation with another character, it can be forgiven.

Example of an unlengthy post:
Fox walked down the forest path with Meta Knight.

Those are the four big rules. Obviously, this is pretty loose, but do your best to make it fun for yourself and for others.

Sign Up Explanation:

Character: State the name of your character.
Alliances: Are they on the good side or bad side?
Gender: Male or Female?
Appearance: What does your character look like? Include a picture or description.
Personality: How does your character interact in his world? How does he talk to others? Is she flirty or is he courageous and shows off?
Bio: A bio is a mini biography of your character. What has he done in his life? What accomplishments? What has he done which he/she regrets?
Powers: Present your character's powers in this bio. Sure you can use some other powers not mentioned in your signup for the roleplay but give us a little taster as to what they can do.
Theme: I like to listen to music while reading. Please give me your character's theme!
Other: Does your character have specific traits?
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I'm going to write as Sora darn it! He has been on 3 Nintendo console games now including Kingdom Hearts: Deep Dive Distance for 3DS. Please everyone look at the original post. I forgot to put something on the signup template.

Character: Sora
Alliances: Good
Gender: Male

Personality: Sora is a boy who always likes to get into other people's situations and solve their problems. He has a deep sense of justice within him. Throughout his life, he has been able to see the positives of life, even if his girlfriend is kidnapped! He always tries to lighten up the mood in some sort of way and hates to hang around people who think the worst case scenario for every little situation. The boy has never seen death before in front of him, which could change. His actions may also change if he witnesses such a test of humanity.
Powers: (editing later)
Bio: (editing later)
Theme: (editing later)
Other: (editing later)